Wednesday, 18 August 2021

From the DPRK Cultural Relations Committee /Korean Associations for friendship and solidarity with European countries-About the Day of Songun

As we get closer to the 25th of August, the day when the Great Leader comrade Kim Jong Il started his leadership over the revolutionary armed forces, the Korean people's hearts are overwhelmed with earnest yearning and endless respect to their Great Leader comrade Kim Jong Il.

A noble revolutionary life of the Great Leader comrade Kim Jong Il was literally the most sacred life of the peerless great man who left unprecedented footprints on the history of the country by accomplishing immortal feats for the consolidation of the revolutionary armed forces.

On 25th August, juche 49(1960) the Great Leader comrade Kim Jong Il gave an on-the-spot guidance to the Seoul Ryu Kyong Su 105th guards tank division, thus leaving a first footprint on the leadership over the country's revolutionary armed forces.

To go back to the past days, Korea was faced with manifold challenges and obstacles on its path, but the passionate leadership by the Great Leader comrade Kim Jong Il over the people's army utterly frustrated the reckless moves by the enemies to destroy our republic,  while demonstrating the might of the heroic juche Korea across the socialist construction.

During these days the Great comrade Kim Jong Il never hesitated to set on the long journey to see the soldiers, thus the on-the-spot guidance over the army units were given during day and night and even through the rain and snow.

His endless guidance taken place on behalf of the people's welfare and the development of the people's army saw the birth of new lexicons such as "forced march during the summer heat", "forced march under the intense cold of midwinter", "the field jacket", "a nap and the rice-ball on the way".

Indeed, every glorious victory of Juche Korea – the world's military power admired by the world was won at the cost of unforeseen hardships went through by the Great comrade Kim Jong Il.


Comrades and friends,

Today under the leadership of the Respected  comrade Kim Jong Un the immortal exploits performed by the Great Leader comrade Kim Jong Il for the development of the state's defence capabilities became more solid and shiny. The sorrow of a stateless nation with no own army was left behind in the past history, today Korea has won the position of the military power recognized by the world. We will further preserve this position of the invincible powerful state with strong defence capability, remaining safe and secure from whatever aggression and threat by the imperialist forces.

We take this opportunity to deliver our deep appreciation to you and your organizations for your firm support and solidarity to the righteous cause of the Korean people to defend the country's sovereignty and achieve national reunification.


With kindest regards,


on behalf of the Korean Associations for friendship and solidarity with European countries

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