Friday, 27 August 2021

Some thoughts on the Delegitimisation of People’s Korea.

Over the past 10 or 11 years and to some extent before  the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has faced a most pernicious campaign to deny its existence or to remove its legitimacy so as to pave the way for regime change , for the overthrow of the socialust system  .  This campaign of Delegitimisation has taken many and varied  forms from the obvious such as threats and sanctions to the less obvious . It has included attacks on the Juche idea , the guiding ideology of the DPRK.

 One example is the human rights campaign against the DPRK and the so-called UN Commission of Inquiry on the DPRK . The CoI did not pay one visit to the DPRK and did not bother to actually interview any DPRK citizens or DPRK diplomatic representatives . Instead they went to south Korea and talked to the south Korean authorities and met so-called ‘defectors ‘ . Why ? Why weren’t actual DPRK citizens interviewed , why was the DPRK allowed to present its case to the Commission of Inquiry , why was its voice silenced . The answer is that the COI seeked to deny the DPRK’s legitimacy and was part of a conspiracy to overthrow socialism in the DPRK .

   There are more subtle and hidden ways in which the DPRK is Delegitimisatized . Go into any bookshop or library in the UK and you will not find a single book published in the DPRK or written by a pro DPRK author ( we will pay a tenner to anyone who can find a single book published by the DPRK in a bookshop or library in the UK ) . Academics apparently refuse to accept DPRK material as legitimate source and also refuse to  have any serious discussion on the Juche idea just dismissing it as ‘propaganda ‘ . Juche idea followers and sympathisers of the DPRK are denied teaching posts at UK universities but teaching posts were given to so-called ‘defectors ‘ (who probably were not qualified for the job ) .

  In any debate the anti-DPRK narrative is always accepted as if it was a tablet of stone but anything put forward in support of the DPRK is always questioned and usually rejected . Supporters of the DPRK are barked at and told to provide sources . Representatives of KFA UK have been treated in a most appalling manner by the BBC and other British media .

  Some KFA members live in fear for their jobs.

Just to conclude, reflecting on the above you cannot help thinking that Western liberals are worse than the Nazis when it comes to the DPRK.

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