Saturday, 7 August 2021

Socialist Cuba – Braving through Manifold Challenges and Tribulations

As the revolutionary government of Cuba is in its endeavours to ensure socio-political stability of the country, the outside forces get ever more undisguised in their acts of provocation and interference in the internal affairs of Cuba.

On July 26, an incident occurred in Paris where a gang of unidentified people threw petrol bombs at Cuban Embassy in France. It was followed by a statement of High Representative for Foreign Affairs & Security Policy of the European Union which was issued on July 29 to the effect that he supports the anti-revolutionary elements of Cuba who staged the anti-government protests and that the arrested elements should be released at once.

Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel, denouncing the petrol bomb incident aimed at Cuban Embassy in France as an act of terrorism instigated by the U.S., said that since the victory of Cuban revolution on January 1, 1959, numerous terrorists trained and backed by the U.S. CIA have mounted assaults on the diplomatic missions of Cuba, the typical example of which was the shooting spree at Cuban Embassy in the U.S. on April 30, 2020.

And on the statement of the High Representative of Foreign Affairs & Security Policy of the European Union which is devoid of any mention on the anti-Cuban blockade of the U.S. but is run through with lies, slanders and calumnies, the Cuban President condemned it as an undisguised act of interference into the internal affairs of Cuba.

Terrorist act against the diplomatic mission of Cuba is a flagrant breach of the international law on diplomatic relations. And the impudent claim by a high-ranking official of the European Union that the anti-government protestors be released, a public display of partiality for them, is an act of interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign state, which can in no way be tolerated.

The Cuban incident is clearly a product of the U.S. persistent attempts against socialism as well as backstage manipulation and instigation of the U.S. seeking regime change in Cuba, the country in the western hemisphere that moves forward upholding the banner of socialism.

Socialism is science.

The course of its accomplishment is the one of a fierce struggle against the imperialists. Desperate as the enemies are, they will never block the advance of socialism towards victory.

We are convinced that heroic Cuban people, firmly united behind the Communist Party of Cuba, will resolutely crush the ceaseless provocation and interference in their internal affairs of the U.S. and other hostile forces and will surely emerge victorious from the struggle for safeguarding socialism and the gains of revolution.

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