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Blessed Youth, Ill-fated Life

Blessed Youth, Ill-fated Life

International Youth Day falls on August 12 this year.

Acknowledging the important role played by the youth in the socio-economic development, the 54th Session of the United Nations General Assembly held in December 1999 adopted a resolution on commemorating August 12 as International Youth Day for the purpose of ensuring full and effective participation of all young people in social life.

Over 20 years since, many countries have been putting their efforts into the work with the young people.

Attaching importance to young people is a top priority of state affairs and a strategic line of revolution in our country. The Korean youth movement has followed a proud path of development under the wise leadership of our Party.

Having started the youth movement in his early days amid the flames of anti-Japanese revolution, President Kim Il Sung put forward the idea on youth movement and led the youth work step by step by bestowing high trust and love on the young people.

With the line of prioritizing the youth work and the seasoned leadership, Chairman Kim Jong Il strengthened and developed the youth league into a youth organization boundlessly loyal to the Party and the leader. He also provided a heyday of youth movement by bringing up the youth as reliable successors carrying forward the lineage of Paektu and as brave fighters implementing the revolutionary cause of Juche.

Under the wise leadership of Comrade Kim Jong Un, President of the State Affairs of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, who is loftily inheriting and advancing the ideas of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il on attaching importance to the youth, the whole country is brimming over with the spirit of cherishing and loving young people, and the Korean youth movement is reaching the zenith of its development.

The DPRK is elevating the dignity and position of the young people into the highest level, and ensuring them institutionally and legally all the rights to food, clothing, housing, education, medical care and labor.

Our young people are bringing their hopes and talents into full blossom, thanks to the socialist benefits and social policy of the state such as the universal 12-year compulsory education and free medical care, and they are also working new miracles and innovations every day on the major fronts of socialist construction and displaying beautiful deeds and high virtues.

They volunteer readily and willingly to work in the difficult and challenging sectors of the socialist construction, and become a life companion of the special-class disabled soldiers. They also look after the lonely aged people by becoming their de facto sons and daughters, and voluntarily assume responsibilities of caring and bringing up the children without parents. This is a true picture of our young people.

Our young people are indeed the happiest in the world, thanks to the warm care of our Party which brings their hopes and dreams into full blossom, owing to its unique policy of cherishing and loving them.

In the capitalist society, however, where omnipotence of money, immorality and depravity are rampant, young people who should pioneer advance of the country and its future are wandering in the vortex of despair and giving up their hopes for the future, thus leading to gamut of degeneration and crimes.

In one of the Western countries, there has recently been an extraordinary crime where nearly 40 corpses were found in a refrigerator van used for human trafficking crime. The general public were in great shock, as this crime was committed by the young people in their twenties and thirties.

There were also criminals who had gang-raped teenage girls after inveigling them into taking drugs, and shockingly, they were reportedly young men aged between 18 and 26.

Furthermore, in one country, a 15-year-old boy inflicted severe injury on a 70-year-old man by hitting his head with hammer.

According to the statistical data released by this country on juvenile crimes, the number of teenagers who were recently caught in the act of using pep pills is more than 600, an all-time high.

It will be endless to enumerate these kinds of crimes which are prevalent among the young people in capitalist countries. The miserable fates imposed upon them are an inevitable outcome generated by the corrupt social system.

The destinies of the youth can be said to be dependent on the attention and policies devoted to them by a given state and society.

Since our youth enjoy the politics by the great Party and state of cherishing and loving them, their future is bright and promising.

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