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Speech of Dr Dermot Hudson to the online seminar on the 76th anniversary of Korea's Liberation 14.08.2021

On the 15th of August 1945 Korea was liberated from the grim and oppressive fascist rule of Japanese imperialism, thanks to the 20 year long armed struggle conducted under the leadership of the great leader general KIM IL SUNG the sun of the Korean nation , ever-victorious iron willed brilliant commander and gifted military strategist. The anti-Japanese People's Guerrilla Army led by the great leader comrade KIM IL SUNG had neither a state base or rear to rely on.The armed struggle of the anti-Japanese guerrilla was a self-reliant one that embodied the Juche Idea and the Songun Idea. The great leader general KIM IL SUNG cast aside the flunkeyist idea of relying on big powers for salvation and instead conducted an independent struggle,based on Juche , against Japanese imperialism fully relying on the masses of people.  

It is a myth of the imperialists and big power chauvinists that Korea was not liberated by the efforts of the Korean people but by the USSR . In fact few people realise that the USSR had actually concluded a neutrality pact with Japan in 1941 and only declared war on Japan  on the 8th of August 1945 whereas the Anti-Japanese Guerrillas led by President KIM IL SUNG had been fighting the Japanese since 1930 ,some 15 years .

  As President KIM IL SUNG pointed out in a talk with the delegation of the Socialist Workers Party of the USA  ‘ We liberated our country by our own efforts and have built socialism in our own way. It can be said that in the past we received some assistance from the Soviet Army in wiping out the Japanese “Kwantung Army” stationed in Manchuria.

However, we liberated our country by our own efforts. It is true that Soviet troops landed on Chongjin, but their landing was effected in cooperation with the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army.``

President KIM IL SUNG had stressed right from the early days of the Anti-Japanese armed struggle that the struggle of the Korean people for liberation from Japanese imperialist rule was an independent and self-reliant one . At the Kalun meeting in 1930 he said that  “ The masters of the revolutionary struggle are the masses of the people, and only when they are organized and mobilized can they win the revolutionary struggle

 And at the  Mingyuegou Meeting in December  1931  President KIM IL SUNG  said that “ we fight the armed struggle with no state backing and no aid from outside "


                    The anti-Japanese armed struggle fully proved in practice the truth of Songun that independence is achieved by the force of arms. During the anti-Japanese armed struggle the great leader generalissimo KIM IL SUNG adhering firmly to the line of Songun rejected illusions of the national  reformists and opportunists that independence could be achieved by peaceful means or by begging for it.

Under the command of the great leader President KIM IL SUNG, an ever victorious iron-willed brilliant commander, the stout hearted and heroic guerrilla revolutionary fighters of the KPRA fought many battles against the Japanese imperialist  aggressors such the battle of Pochonbo  and the battle of Musan to name just a few . The battle of Pochonbo on the 4 June 1937 was most significant as it symbolised the KPRA's advance into the Korean homeland. One third world revolutionary figure on visiting the monument to the Pochonbo battle said "the beacon fire of Pochonbo marked a great event which gave confidence in struggle not only to the Korean people under the colonial rule of Japanese imperialism but also the world's revolutionary people groaning in those days under the heels of imperialist aggressors- fascist Germany, Italy, Japanese imperialism , and American and British imperialism "


                                     President KIM IL SUNG  also applied the Juche idea to the question of the united front and popular front and founded the Association for the Restoration of the Fatherland , a Juche-orientated united national front in May 1936.

  It was on the 9th of August 1945 that President KIM IL SUNG gave the order for the final offensive to liberate Korea from Japanese imperialist rule declaring that ‘ The crucial moment has come now to accomplish the historic cause of the country ‘s liberation for which our nation has craved so eagerly that a day has seemed like a thousand years

Units of the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army together with the Soviet Red Army advanced into the Korean homeland and at the same time armed uprisings of the Korean people took place.

     The Juche-orientated guerrilla tactics of the great leader President KIM IL SUNG and the indomitable struggle of the Anti-Japanese People's Guerrilla Army (later the Korean People's Revolutionary Army ) tore the guts out of Japanese imperialism, defeating the million strong Kwantung army of Japanese imperialism. The barbaric Japanese imperialist invaders were expelled from the land of Korea at last.                

    The defeat of Japanese imperialism, one of the main forces and shock brigade of international fascism , by the partisans of the Korean People's Revolutionary Army led by the great leader  general KIM IL SUNG made a great contribution to the victory of worldwide anti-fascist forces .


   The victorious liberation struggle of the Korean people led by  general KIM IL SUNG , a gifted military strategist and ever-victorious iron-willed brilliant commander was an inspiration for the peoples of the colonial countries fighting for their independence and liberation .The 1968 World Cultural Congress in Havana adopted a document praising the anti-Japanese armed struggle waged under the leadership of the great leader comrade KIM IL SUNG.

    With the victory of the Korean People's Revolutionary Army , commanded by the great leader generalissimo KIM IL SUNG ,in August 1945 the Korean people finally gained their emancipation from the cruel shackles of Japanese colonialism and greeted a new life of independence , a life of hope for the future.

  After liberation under the leadership of the great leader President KIM IL SUNG the people of Korea built a new thriving  country of independence, a country which even  in the words of enemies has "undiluted sovereignty " .Under the banner of self-reliance the Korean people are further consolidating the independence of the country and building a fine and might independent power of Juche. The Korean people now have lives of independence and creativity .

   Today People's Korea ,the land of Juche ,pulsates with independence  under the leadership of respected Marshal KIM JONG UN who carries forward the great line of independence developed by  great President KIM IL SUNG . Self-reliance and Juche have been validated in practice  , for example the DPRK has been able to close its borders for 19 months and survive when some countries could not last for a few days . Moreover the DPRK can produce anything from a wrist watch to an ICBM . This is the precious fruit of the anti-Japanese armed struggle .

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