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Significance of August 25 From Friend.com.kp

From Friend.com.kp



August 25 is significant for the DPRK.

Sixty-one years ago, Chairman Kim Jong Il left a first mark in his leadership of revolutionary armed force with the on the spot guidance to the Seoul Ryu Kyong Su Guards 105th Tank Division of the Korean People’s Army (KPA).

This mark was a momentous event signifying the initiation of the new history of the Party and army building cause of Juche.

On this day, the historical turning point was made in the strengthening and development of the Korean revolutionary armed force and the fulfillment of the revolutionary cause of Juche, and the sacred tradition pioneered and victoriously advanced relying on arms is being succeeded continuously. 

The Chairman told on that day that the basic mission of the KPA and the core of its glorious fighting tradition is to defend the Party and the leader at the risk of their lives. His instruction became a vital guiding principle to hold fast consistently in army building. 

It was an unshakable faith for the Chairman that the mission of the revolutionary army lies in securing the cause of leader and the independent cause of the people by force of arms and only by so doing the army can display the invincibility.

Chairman Kim Jong Il had made a continued journey for the on-site inspection over half-a-century-long period since the start of his leadership on the revolutionary armed force to turn the KPA into an army of the Party and invincible revolutionary force.

His energetic leadership turned the KPA servicemen to the strong men in ideology and faith and fighters each being equal to a hundred enemies and the KPA to an invincible Paektusan revolutionary powerful force and the army-people great unity was further solidified. 

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