Wednesday, 4 August 2021

No Sanctions of Any Sort Will Block the Way of Cuban People Turned out in the Fight against the U.S. and to Safeguard Socialism

Recently, the U.S., the backstage manipulator and instigator of anti-government protests in Cuba, is rather making a fuss on its part by enforcing a new round of sanctions against Cuba.

On July 22, the Treasury Department of the U.S., under the pretext that Cuba had oppressed “peaceful protesters”, made a blitz announcement that it would impose sanctions against the Minister of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Cuba and the National Special Brigade under the Ministry of the Interior. Later that day, the U.S. president came forth in person and delivered a statement regarding these sanctions.

In his statement, the U.S. president expressed that these sanctions are just the beginning of the beginning and that the sanctions against the individuals who are responsible for the oppression of the Cubans would continue to be enforced. He also said that the pressure upon Cuban government would yet to be intensified.

Such an act – a grave interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign state – plainly reveals the real intention of the U.S. who attempts to instigate civil disturbance by giving the anti-revolutionists a shot in the arm and to stir up an atmosphere against Cuba on an international scale.

Right after the U.S. announcement of the sanctions on the Minister of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Cuba and the National Special Brigade under the Ministry of the Interior, the Cuban Foreign Minister, through SNS and press interview, strongly denounced it as a blatant violation of international law and serious acts of interference in internal affairs. He also exposed the fact that the U.S. State Department is intensifying the offensive to put pressure on six East-European countries and eight Latin-American countries forcing them to support the declaration criticizing Cuba.

Soldiers from the National Special Brigade under the Ministry of the Interior of Cuba, during a mass rally in Havana on July 23, 2021, reiterated their support for the revolution and categorically rejected hypocritical and sly anti-Cuba policy of the U.S. The Second Secretary of the Young Communist League of Cuba, saying “We, the sons of the people, will safeguard the people,” noted that the youth will strive for safety of people and for peace.

Cuban government and people turned out in the struggle to achieve unity and prosperity of the country in defiance of vicious anti-Cuba sanctions of the U.S., destroying political stability of the country and instigating civil disturbance.

Progressive peoples from many countries of the world, denouncing the anti-Cuba sanctions of the U.S. perpetrated in the fair name of “human rights” and “freedom” as well as “protection of democracy”, are expressing their full support to and solidarity with Cuban people in their struggle to safeguard sovereignty and dignity of the nation as well as the gains of the revolution.

We are convinced that Cuban government and people would resolutely thwart the U.S. sanctions of any sort and surely emerge victorious from the fight against the U.S. and to safeguard socialism.

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