Saturday, 28 August 2021

From the DPRK Committee For Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries/ Korean Associations for Friendship with European countries

The foundation of DPRK on 9th September, 1948 by the Great Leader President Kim Il Sung according to unanimous will of the whole Korean nation was a historical event which announced the birth of a country for people for the first time in its history.

During its existence for 73 years as an independent sovereign country, DPRK wrote only victories and glories in its history and displayed proudness as a socialist country and a country truly for the people.

DPRK, which was established by President Kim Il Sung, is a people-centred socialist state where people are masters of everything and everything serves the people.

The Great Leader Comrade Kim Jong Il built our country into a land of happiness for people safeguarding the security of DPRK and laid a solid foundation of prosperity for generation after generation.s

Today, DPRK shines more brightly as a country for people under the leadership of the Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un.

Under the energetic leadership of the Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who walks the muddy road under snows and rains for the life and happiness of the people and next generations, DPRK continues to advance, braving manifold hardships and difficulties.

Many countries in this world advocate politics for the people, but the people don't entrust their life and the future of the young to the state.

Now, the countries which raised their voices for "human rights" and put on a show for advocating the politics for the people are suffering with many death cases over serious health crises due to pandemic. On the other hand, DPRK established top-level anti-epidemic barriers for the people and not only returns warm love to the victims of natural disasters, but also performs miracles in huge projects like 10,000 apartment constructions for people's happiness.

Both the history and reality vividly demonstrate that a social system which is loved and treasured by the people more than their own life and a state which consistently maintains its true nature after decades and generations is only DPRK.

As our Republic has a brilliant leader and also an untouchable strong military power, it's future is bright and promising.

We avail ourselves of this opportunity to express gratitude to you for your consistent support and solidarity to our people's righteous cause for national reunification and the defence of sovereignty.


Yours sincerely,

on behalf of the Korean associations for friendship with European countries

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