Thursday, 5 August 2021

KFA UK Rejects Report of the so-called ' All Party Parliamentary Group on North Korea "



London 5th of August  2021.

The Korean Friendship Association of the UK today the following statement concerning the report on  ' human rights violations in North Korea between 2014 and 2020' made by the so-called ' All Party Parliamentary Group Report on North Korea' ;

   We categorically  reject and denounce the nonsensical ' report on  ' human rights violations in North Korea between 2014 and 2020' that has been cooked up by the so-called "All Party Parliamentary Group Report on North Korea'.(APPGNK) This body does not even use the correct title for the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK ) but instead calls it 'north Korea' which is an insult to the dignity of the DPRK .The APPGNK is headed by the inveterate anti-DPRK arch reactionary Lord Alton of Liverpool who is not even elected by anyone but sits in the unelected second chamber of the British parliament . Included in the APPGNK are a number of Conservative MPs as well a member of the far right northern Ireland loyalist 'Democratic Unionist Party ' ( a party which backs creationism ) . Lord Alton is connected with a number of south Korean based anti-DPRK entities and has visited south Korea many times .

  The APPGNK during the period from 2014 to 2020 , did not set a single foot in the DPRK nor did they talk to any DPRK citizens . Instead the report is based solely on discredited stories from so-called ' defectors ' who betrayed their socialist homeland  and  on recycled propaganda from the south Korean puppet propaganda machine and the mainstream . The report is little more than a rehash of the original UN ' Commission of Inquiry ' Report on the DPRK which was  refuted at the time and was also based on third hand allegations .

The  report of the so-called "All Party Parliamentary Group "  is slanders and lies about  the DPRK . It is evident  the intention of the so called all party group is to force the DPRK into 'reform' and 'opening up' in order to subvert and destroy the socialist system of the DPRK. All true friends of the DPRK must fight to expose their anti DPRK manoeuvres and conspiracies.

In fact human rights in the DPRK which include the right to housing , the right to education , the right to work , the right to health care are legally guaranteed and are consolidated with the development of the people-centred socialist system . Moreover in the DPRK people get the right to be elected and be elected at the age of 17 . Electoral turnout is far higher than  in Britain and other  so-called 'democracies ' . Elected representatives are accountable to the people , There is no unelected second chamber unlike the UK .

Instead of trying to lecture other countries on how to run their own affairs , British parliamentarians would do much better to pay attention to restrictions on civil liberties in Britain and also to hunger and poverty that exist nowadays in the UK. Human rights like charity begins at home.

Really the APPGNK report represents gross interference in the internal affairs of the DPRK and is a blueprint for regime change and intervention in the DPRK !.

DEFEND PEOPLE'S KOREA !                    



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