Friday, 20 August 2021

What is the Root Cause of Humanitarian Crisis?

To defend the independent right and dignity of a human being and provide him with much more stable living conditions, this is at the core of the humanitarian affairs. The international society has made steady efforts for a long time to eradicate the aftereffects of all social evils and the human rights crime.

Noting with grave concern that violence, including gender-based violence, including sexual violence, and violence against children, continues to be deliberately directed against civilian populations in many emergency situations, and condemning the negative implications for the provision of humanitarian assistance, the UN General Assembly, in its 63rd session held in December 2008, designated August 19 as World Humanitarian Day.

However, when we look around the world today, the number of the poor and refugees is rapidly increasing everywhere and indescribable crimes against humanity are committed one after another, as if they would rather challenge the efforts by the international society.

The world people put this question with one voice.

Then, what is the root cause of humanitarian crisis?

The answer may come from the society which stands as a stumbling block to realization of the humanitarian ideas that respect human dignity and value and hold justice, equality, development and prosperity as its ideal; the society where all kinds of human rights crimes thrive on due to the almighty dollar principle, the jungle law. The answer also may come from countries, the hotbeds of humanitarian disasters, which cause endless humanitarian disasters while making it their business to violate sovereign rights and interfere into the internal affairs of the other country.

Such countries are none other than the western countries.

In these countries, working people are living on the edge of daily subsistence, falling a victim to miserable plight and human rights crime without being provided with even basic rights that human beings deserve.

When we look at the data released by some western mass media and human rights institutions alone, 20% of the women above the age of 15 years are suffering from physical and sexual violence and the number of wanderers has increased by 77% as compared with the past in the western countries. In one of the western countries, hundreds of thousands of youngsters are subjected to latter-day slave labour at home and on the farm.

It is out of the bounds of possibility that the concept of humanitarianism itself can make sense in such a society where various crimes of racial discrimination account for more than half the numbers of crimes committed, and much labour was consumed to effect a law to oppress the people.

Nevertheless, the western countries are openly committing acts of infringement against and interference in other sovereign states, behind the shameful signboard of “human rights” and “democracy” – the concepts that are in any case unworthy of them.

It is well known to the whole world that annually increased procession of refugees is an outcome of social disturbances and bloody disputes of the western manipulation. Despite this fact, refugees are treated like prisoners and detained with parents being separated from children. And it is still connived at and encouraged in the acts of human trafficking, sexual violence, slave labour and excruciating torture, much to the consternation of the world.

Today, it is important to build resilience to the different circumstances on a worldwide scale based on the ideas of international humanitarianism. But, what’s more pressing for humanity now is to find out the root cause of disaster and take proper steps to cope with it.

The international society should see squarely who is at the bottom of this humanitarian crisis and wage a resolute struggle against the inhumane acts of the western countries which bring immeasurable misfortunes and disasters to humankind.

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