Thursday, 12 August 2021

Great Parental Devotion

It is often said that the greatest misfortune in life is the sorrow of losing one’s own parents at an early age.

That is because the parents give birth to a child, and nurse and look after it with affection throughout its growth without any affectation nor self-interest. Therefore, it is said that there is no sorrow greater than that of having lost one’s parents.

However, there is a dreamlike world where the inward heartache of every child is empathized and the children are embraced and looked after with warmth and care beyond those of their own parents to grow into full-fledged social begings. That world is also a cradle of happiness for children where their every wish would come true.

Such a world and a cradle is none other than the bosom of our socialist motherland, the benevolent embrace of respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who is devoted to childlren calling them kings and queens of the country and regards them as the most precious beings in the country.

Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un took pains and showed great dedication to children without parents so that they would receive the best education in the optimum environment. Such pains and dedication of his were turned into sonorous laughter of children ringing out from the windows of children’s palaces of happiness, reverberating far and wide on this land.

It is August, the month that makes one’s heart throb with emotion till now.

It was on August 12, 2014. At the time of the year when people wouldn’t venture to go out due to suffocating heat, respected Comrade Kim Jong Un visited the dusty construction site of Pyongyang Baby Home and Children’s Home. He looked around every corner of the yet unsafe building under construction and explained down to the smallest detail on matters arising in the construction and solutions to them.

He said that the interior design of the Baby Home and Children’s Home should be fun enough to capture juvenile fancy and playgrounds and living rooms should be arranged in such a way as to be of optimum environment for the development of intellectual faculties and decent moral traits of children staying there. With his shirt dripping with sweat, he was channeling all his energies to the work, personally taking up the responsibility of a construction owner as well as its master of execution. Looking up to his benevolent image on TV screen, our children were moved to tears and they, with a lump in the throat, cried out “Father!” again and again.

In the capitalist society, the bereaved homeless children, about the same age as the children of the DPRK, are wandering about the streets. They would barely make a living, falling victims to human trafficking and forced labor, then would go so far as to end their young lives cursing the society that mercilessly cast them off. Contrary to this, children of the DPRK, while enjoying all blessings of the world to their hearts’ content and even beyond their scope of wish, have now received a new palace of happiness. There is no wonder they follow the respected Marshal like their own father and address him so.

It truly was the August of happiness.

The days and months of the socialist Korea are still elapsing by dint of such a profound love.

Indeed, the leader continues with his grand journey of devotion smiling in the face of all ordeals for the sake of children and the children are filled with burning desire to grow up to be true sons and daughters of the fatherly Marshal – herein lies the true feature and inexhaustible vitality of the socialist society of the DPRK that is translating into reality its love for posterity and future, which also serves as a firm guarantee for the lasting invicibility of our Republic for years to come.

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