Sunday, 29 August 2021

The U.S. is in Decline

The press and experts of the world now continue to make a barrage of comments saying that “The U.S. is a declining power.”, “The U.S. influence is on the wane.”, “How many allies can be found in reality that count on the U.S. strength?”

On August 25, Chinese Newspaper “Global Times” made its comment that the Afghan effect would be shown in different forms in various parts of the world. It also commented that this will immediately become a process of weakening the U.S. influence with its image being tarnished, adding that it will vividly present a picture of the U.S. falling in decay and ruin.

On August 25, Turkish Newspaper “Daily Sabah” carried an article contributed by a Turkish politics analyst which said that the U.S. decline is in its “worst” status.

The analyst pointed out in his article that the unexpected developments in Afghanistan are a direct result of the weakened hegemony and strength of the U.S. He also stressed that Taliban’s assumption of power is not a result of a miscalculation or mistake by specific bodies of the U.S., but it resulted from the fact that the U.S. had lost its strength in designing international order or resolving regional crisis.

The expert also maintained that the last two decades could be called a period when the U.S. had lost its hegemony in the international political arena, asserting that the policy makers in the U.S. should recognize that all developments of the world are no longer under their control.

Earlier to this, Indonesian Newspaper “Jakarta Post” made comments that the Afghan situation does not mean a mistake from Republican Party or Democratic Party in the U.S., but it does mean a failure of the overall U.S. foreign policy as well as total failure of American politics and culture caused by the U.S. politicians who lack sufficient understanding about different societies.

That the U.S. is obviously “a declining state” is the common recognition gained by the international society through Afghan situation.

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