Wednesday, 18 August 2021

Oppose Gunboat Diplomacy and Imperialist Warmongering -Picket the MOD Saturday 21st of August 1500 hours


People's Korea , a country of 25 million people is being threatened by the US, a global superpower with a population of 328 million and a global empire of military bases around the world !
*The US and south Korea are conducting  war exercises against People's Korea at this very minute and plan more from the 16th of *August to August 26th .
*A British aircraft carrier strike group is heading towards the Korean peninsula and includes ships from other NATO countries .
*The British government has imposed lots of sanctions on the DPRK .

If you think all of the above is wrong then we invite you to join us on the 21st of August in picketing the British MoD , Whitehall SW1 (nearest tube Westminster ) at 1500 hours .  Please note if the area outside the MoD , Richmond Terrace is not available  , we will assemble further along Whitehall , towards Parliament Square and opp King Charles Street . Just look out for the KFA UK banner Peoples 's Korea  is being threatened by the US , south Korea , Britain and NATO  !

  You can also send a solidarity message which we will read out .

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