Friday, 6 August 2021

Love and Affection Overcome Calamity

The issue on improving and upgrading the Party’s childcare policy was high on the agenda for discussion and substantial measures were taken for its implementation at the 3rd Plenary Meeting of the 8th Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) held in June. Since then, children at baby homes, children’s homes, nurseries and kindergartens across the country are being supplied with highly nutritious dairy products at state’s expense.

All the parents throughout the country who would spare nothing for the pleasure and happiness of their children, looking at their own children in jolly mood with the dairy products of love and affection of the WPK, shed tears of gratitude to the Party for having readily settled the most precious thing that they desired so much, the most valuable thing that they could not have hoped for as yet.

How can such tears be merely seen as the ones of being welled up out of passion on the spur of the moment?

During the past decades since the new history of love of producing soy-bean milk for the supply to children and school children was unfolded on this land under the benevolent affection of Chairman Kim Jong Il, the supply of soy-bean milk has never stopped for a single day even in the face of harsh isolating and stifling attempts of the anti-DPRK hostile forces and the wild natural calamities.

Those children have now grown to be fathers and mothers with their own children. At that time, they didn’t have enough discretion to know at what cost the soy-bean milk they drank every day was supplied. Now that they are experiencing the heavy load of raising their children, they got to know the weight the soy-bean milk was carrying.

This is how our people, who have been enjoying only happy life under the tender loving care of the peerless great men, came to take to heart what great embrace was protecting their bright future through the most genuine experiences of life.

For that reason, the important decision of our Party to formulate a policy on supplying dairy product and other fortified food to all children in nurseries and kindergartens at state’s expense made our entire people seethe with passion and excitement giving them hope and strength for the future to come.

Today is not a peaceful time. It is a time when we are faced with manifold difficulties and trials worst ever. And all of our people know what a great burden it is for our Party to assume the work of caring for not a few but all of our children under such circumstances.

Nevertheless, our Party didn’t flinch, even for a moment, from deciding to exert all its efforts once again to shape the rosy future of our country by shouldering all the burdens of hard work, and it is now encouraging our people to a patriotic struggle for the posterity.

Upbringing of children is a matter directly linked with the rise and fall of every country and nation. In view of this, all the countries bring the issues of resolving children’s problems as topics for discussion.

But throughout this entire world, it is only our State that regards the children as kings and queens of the country and spares nothing for the sake of the children, even establishing it as a state policy of paramount importance to ensure more improved upbringing conditions for them.

Cozy homes for children without parents were built in many different places of the country and new school uniforms, Sonamu(pine tree) school bags, Mindulle(dandelion) notebooks and Haebaragi(sunflower) stationery are provided for free to every child across the country including those living in remote mountain villages and far-flung islands, thus adding greater joy and laughter to our children and filling the hearts of all mothers with undying excitement and emotion. Such reality of today is sheer bliss unique to socialist Korea.

Our people, in the bright smiles and gaieties of children frolicking around, are gaining greater confidence in the beautiful future of the country which would emerge victorious after overcoming all of today’s difficulties.

This planet may undergo hard times and harsh trials. But, however hard and harsh they may be, nothing can crush the dreams and hopes of the Korean children as long as we have the warm love and affection of respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who has taken on exceptional responsibility for and dedicated himself to posterity, picturing the rosy future of the country in their bright smiles.

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