Sunday, 29 August 2021

History of Friendship and Solidarity Carried Forward Invariably

Today, the Korean and Cuban peoples are significantly marking the 61st anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) and the Republic of Cuba established diplomatic relations on August 29, 1960. This served as a historic occasion for comprehensive development of the friendly and cooperative relations between the two countries.

For the last 60-odd years, the DPRK and Cuba have strengthened and developed the fraternal and comradely relations of mutual support and close cooperation on the sacred road of joint struggle for accomplishing the socialist cause.

After the victory of Cuban revolution, President Kim Il Sung extended both material and moral support, as well as sending firm solidarity to the Cuban people in their struggle to beat off the aggressive attempts of the imperialists, and to defend socialism and the gains of the revolution.

In October 1962, during the Caribbean crisis, President Kim Il Sung saw to it that the DPRK government issue a statement calling upon all peace-loving countries and people of the world to wage a decisive battle to check the aggressive attempts of the U.S. imperialists against Cuba. He also gave encouragement to the Cuban people by taking determined steps to make sure that even our women in Cuba, to say nothing of the members of DPRK Embassy and students there to turn out in the decisive battle against the U.S. aggressors.

In March 1986, President Kim Il Sung had an emotional meeting with Comrade Fidel Castro Ruz in Pyongyang and deepened the fraternal feelings of friendship and comradeship.

Chairman Kim Jong Il always paid special attention to the development of relations with Cuba, saying that it is our obligation and duty as the class brothers to support the Cuban people.

Chairman Kim Jong Il met several delegations from Cuba. In February 1992, he met the delegation of Party, state and armed forces from Cuba which was led by Vice-Minister of Revolutionary Armed Forces of Cuba who is also Chief of the Navy from Cuba. In April 1992, he met the delegation of Party, state, government and revolutionary armed forces from Cuba which was led by Vice-President of the Council of State who is also a member of the Political Bureau of Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba. At the times of meeting, he encouraged them in their struggle to build socialist Cuba and firmed up the invincibility of the DPRK-Cuba friendship.

The relations of friendship and cooperation between the DPRK and Cuba which are based on the time-honoured history and tradition continue to be inherited and developed on the basis of revolutionary principles and a sense of comradely obligation.

In November 2018, Comrade Kim Jong Un, President of the State Affairs of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, warmly received Comrade Miguel Diaz-Canel, President of the Council of State and the then President of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Cuba, who visited our country, and provided a programmatic guide to further expand and develop cooperation and exchange in several fields including the economy, culture, public health, science and technology, in common interests of the peoples of the two countries.

The historic Pyongyang meeting between the two leaders became a watershed which demonstrated to the world the invincible solidarity between the DPRK and Cuba and elevated the strategic comradely relations of friendship and cooperation between the two countries onto a new higher level in conformity with the developing situation.

In fact, the DPRK-Cuba relations continue to develop on good terms for centuries and generations, pulling storm and stress of history under the exceptional attentions of the leaders of the two countries.

Today, the Cuban people are achieving many successes in their vigorous struggle to defend and advance the cause of socialism towards victory while smashing grave challenges from within and without.  We are rejoiced over their successes as our own.

We will, in the future, too, continue to extend full support and solidarity to the Cuban people in their just struggle and move forward hand in hand with them on the road of struggle for independence against imperialism and for socialism.

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