Thursday, 19 August 2021

KCNA Commentary Blasts Japan's Planned Possession of Carrier

Pyongyang, August 19 (KCNA) -- Japan's arms buildup racket has reached a very serious phase.

Recently the Japanese defense minister announced they would hold military exercises involving the operation of F-35Bs on Izumo, the biggest escort ship of the naval "Self-Defense Force", within this year.

This is part of the dangerous moves for becoming a military giant aimed to get the country ready for attacking neighboring countries any moment with the use of the carrier-level escort ship under the pretext of "defense".

Now Japan floats a far-fetched story that "turning Izumo into a carrier won't contradict the Constitution if its use is restricted to defense purpose" and that the "ship not constantly carrying fighters can not be viewed as the attack-type carrier".

This is a shameless trick to cover up the unconstitutional and aggressive nature of the arms buildup moves.

From a military point of view, carriers are internationally acknowledged as an indispensable element for mounting a preemptive attack on other countries and for holding the command of the sea.

This shows that Japan's possession of a carrier is a crime violating the present Constitution which stipulates Japan's renunciation of the use of armed force and its non-possession of combat capabilities.

However, the Japanese authorities try to possess a carrier under the pretext of remodeling Izumo. This is designed to realize the old dream of the "Greater East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere" by turning the country into a military giant at any cost.

Japan set it as a political goal to turn the country into a military power long ago and has been deeply engaged in it, thinking "it was due to weakness that it was defeated in the Second World War."

In particular, it has spurred modernizing military equipment for raising the mobile attack ability and operational capability of the "SDFs" and as a result it has now reached the stage of desiring for the possession of a carrier.

For Japan the major target of attack are the countries around it including the DPRK.

It is Japan's invariable ambition to launch reinvasion of the Far Eastern region, hold its position as the "leader of Asia" and thus open a door to the world domination.

This country recently announced that it would deploy a new "electronic unit" and a missile unit on major islands in Okinawa Prefecture by 2023 and did not conceal that its purpose is to contain China.

The retrogressive revision of the Constitution has been persistently pursued to portray Japan as a war state.

The possession of a carrier by the archipelago country is not just a simple updating of military equipment.

This is a transformation into an aggression state destroying the security of the region and the world and human civilization.

If Japan keeps going on the road of becoming a military giant and launching overseas expansion defying the opposition and warnings of the international community, it can not spare stern punishment by history. -0-

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