Sunday, 29 August 2021

Youthful Life Flowering under Ray of Great Sun

There are countless young people around the world who are proud of their vibrant ambition and youthfulness. There are also many countries which enacted the Youth Days.

But when we look around the world, there are no youths like our vanguard fighters who are displaying patriotism and devotion on the road of struggle for the country and people with boundless loyalty to their leader and firm faith in their cause. No one can possibly imagine a country like ours – a grand flower garden brimming with love and affection – where the whole country turns out to bless the youth on their holiday.

Our youth movement is now advancing straight ahead along the road of victory, and our youth are enjoying a worthy youthful life, full of vibrant ambition and enthusiasm. All these are a brilliant fruition of the immortal feats and painstaking efforts of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il who created and developed the great history of valuing and loving the youth.

Early at the dawn of the revolution, President Kim Il Sung initiated the youth movement of our country and brilliantly translated into reality the Juche- oriented ideas on youth movement at every stage of two arduous revolutionary wars and socialist construction. Thanks to his lofty exploits and immortal leadership, the blood lines of Paektu could only be inherited in its pure form on this land.

Chairman Kim Jong Il put forward the line on attaching importance to the youth which made the whole country ablaze with the youthful fervor. Under his outstanding and seasoned leadership, he developed our youth league into a reliable rank of loyal vanguards and a scout party for the revolutionary cause of Juche, which trusts and follows only the Party and the leader. His image as a peerless great man born of heaven became an indispensable lifeline and a driving force for our youth, enabling them to advance straight ahead braving the arduous march and forced march without a standstill or retreat even a single step.

Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, with his warm magnanimity and fervent love, is putting into reality the immortal ideas of the great leaders on youth movement to perfection. He is indeed the father and the great teacher dear to our youth.

The respected Marshal called our youth with affection as the patriotic youth and the heroic youth, saying that he wants to hold them high to be envied by the world. He instills in the hearts of the new generation with the spirit and mettle of Mt. Paektu and leads every step of its work along the right path. His leadership of attaching importance to young people is moving the hearts of our youth.

Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un spares nothing for the youth and saw to it that the events commemorating the Youth Day are held annually in a grand style. He even sent a congratulatory message to the youth on their holiday, far from the road to the front. Be it dangerous islet posts and far-off rough construction sites, he visited them without fail and without a break, bestowing only inestimable trust and benevolent affection on them.

Our youth are honoured with this warm love and great trust. As such, they could resolutely brave hardships and difficulties of history, which others would not withstand even for a few months or days. And they could defend our socialist country as an impregnable fortress, and could glorify their priceless youthful life as creators of world-startling miracles and innovations on major fronts of socialist construction.

Luxury, pleasure, money and wealth are regarded as the whole of life and as the aim of one’s lifetime in a capitalist country. This has become a common thing for the youth to live only for themselves there. The reality is that they can’t get even a bit of sympathy though they wander in the cesspool of desperation and crime, forsaken by the times. Such a miserable reality clearly proves that only our socialist system is a bosom in this world which makes sure that the youthful aspiration and ambition come into full bloom and that our youth are held high as the pillars of the country.

That is just so.

Even though the warmth, affection, love and trust of the world are put together, these can’t be compared with the great love of respected Comrade Kim Jong Un for the youth. Under the resplendent ray of such love of his, our Korean youth would always move along the road of victory and glory, the road of loyalty and feats.

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