Tuesday, 17 August 2021

A New Brilliant History Brought about by the Spirit of Independence


The day has come to celebrate national liberation, an auspicious occasion for all the Korean nation.

What still rings in our ears is cheers of delight and joy our people raised at Kim Il Sung Stadium (Moranbong Public Playground at that time) seventy-six years ago, looking up at the benevolent liberator of the country.

Greeting this significant day of August 15, our people are looking back once again on great Comrade Kim Il Sung, the sun of the nation and the legendary hero who had achieved the great cause of national liberation through long bloody battles against the Japanese imperialists while leaving bloody marks in every range of Mt. Paektu and at every bend of the River Amnok for 20 years.

In retrospect, the barbarous colonial rule by the Japanese imperialist gangsters was a time of national humiliation and darkness which our nation had never experienced in the long history of five thousand years. It was also a time of sufferings when the very fate of the Korean nation was at a crossroads of life or death.

Then who has blessed our nation with a new springtime of rebirth and enabled it to shine all over the world as a full-fledged independent sovereign state which was once eclipsed on the world map and lost in everybody’s memory?

He is none other than young General Kim Il Sung in his thirties, the legendary hero born of our nation and the tiger of Mt. Paektu who made the Japanese imperialist gangsters tremble with fear.

The great leader Kim Il Sung, without state backing and support of a regular army, waged an unprecedented arduous anti-Janpanese war against 1 million strong force of the Japanese imperialists armed to the teeth and brought about the historic cause of national liberation.

Great Comrade Kim Il Sung, maintaining independence as his revolutionary creed, revolutionary formula and his revolutionary practice in the whole period of anti-Japanese revolution, relied on our own way to create and apply the guiding ideology and line on the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle as well as the mode and tactics of anti-Japanese armed struggle. He solved the things unaided from scratch to provide military personnel, arms and provisions which were needed in the whole process of the anti-Japanese armed struggle by relying on the might and resourcefulness of the people.

The history of bloody anti-Japanese struggle and the feats on national liberation of Great Comrade Kim Il Sung who opened up a new era of socialist Korea upholding the banner of independence will surely go down forever along with the ever-prosperous Kim Il Sung’s nation, Kim Jong Il’s Korea.

The spirit of independence, the indomitable revolutionary spirit, and the fighting spirit of self-reliance created by the great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung in the flames of anti-Japanese revolution serve as an eternal viability peculiar to the Korean revolution.

Nothing in this world could block the vigorous advance of our people who will certainly accomplish the great cause of development and prosperity by dint of self-reliance. Under the leadership of respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, our people will for sure bring earlier the bright future of socialism and communism.

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