Wednesday, 4 August 2021

From the Korean associations for friendship with European countries/ DPRK Committee for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries -About the 76th anniversary of Korea's Liberation

As you may all know, soon we will greet the 76th anniversary of Korean Liberation.

To Korean people, 15th August is a historic day of remembrance of the immortal exploit of the Great Leader President Kim Il Sung which is the realization of the sacred cause of national liberation by crushing the Japanese imperialist, and also a day of determination to firmly safeguard the independence of the country and nation.

President Kim Il Sung is a peerless patriot who saved the destiny of the country and nation from the brink of disappearance from the world map. In order to put an end to the dark era of Japanese colonial rule which obliterated the country and nation even forbidding the use of Korean language and names, he set out on the road of revolution at teenage and declared all-out war with Japanese imperialism and for that we praise him as the great of the greats.

In history, there are many famous politicians and great persons who contributed to the independence of each country and nation. But such an outstanding leader and a peerless patriot like President Kim Il Sung, who defeated the imperialist power in harsh conditions without any assistance from the home front or regular army and changed the destiny and position of the country and nation, cannot be found.

President Kim Il Sung is a legendary hero who created the world example of national liberation struggle under the banner of independence and by one's own strength.

From the early times of revolution, he had a wise understanding that national liberation cannot be achieved by relying on others and he put forward the firm independent idea to conduct Korean revolution by Korean people's own strength and brilliantly implemented it into reality.

The liberation of Korea was a proud fruit of the ideas of national independence and liberation by the strength of our President Kim Il Sung. The creation of a world example of national liberation struggle from colonial rule is another immortal exploit contributed to Korean revolution and the realization of the independent cause of mankind by President Kim Il Sung.

Today Korean nation has the honour to be under the leadership of another great person, the Great Marshal Kim Jong Un and displays its might as the dignified independent socialist power to full.

During the ten years of supreme leadership of the Great Marshal Kim Jong Un,  Korea performed miracles every day in all areas of politics, military, economics and culture making huge developments and became one of the world's strategic countries consolidating its position as the socialist power.

Our people will never allow foreign invasion again and no one will dare to touch us.

In order to safeguard the happiness and laughter on this land and to not repeat the dark history, we will continue to strengthen the self-defensive military power until we achieve permanent peace in this world.

on behalf of all Korean associations for friendship with European countrie

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