Sunday, 8 August 2021

Who Is Global “Hacking Kingpin”?

There is an increasing conflict these days between the powers over cyber-security.

On July 27, the U.S. President, in his speech given at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, said that Russia is interfering in 2022 U.S. midterm elections by spreading misinformation, and this kind of action by Moscow is a pure violation of U.S. sovereignty.

He also argued that the cyber-attacks against the U.S. by the state-sponsored hackers in China and Russia are growing exponentially, increasing the likelihood that cyber-war might end up in a “real shooting war with a major power.”

Rebutting the American allegation, Press Secretary of the Russian President responded that Russia has never interfered in the U.S. election process and this has been proven by the investigations conducted several times in the U.S., and he made clear that Russia does not interfere in the election process of other countries, nor does it have such intention.

The Chinese “Global Times”, meanwhile, expressed its discontent by commenting that the remark made by the U.S. President is not merely a warning, but also something equivalent to a threat of war towards China and Russia; it is an established fact that political nature of cyber-attack is hardly possible to have its line clearly drawn, and the United States has the most of IP addresses associated with cyber-attacks; the U.S. President has lowered, to an alarming level, the threshold for an outbreak of war between the powers, and people worry that the U.S. might be manipulated into a war by certain irresponsible groups.

There is a good reason for such rebuttal and discontent.

Nearly 10 years ago, Edward Snowden exposed the U.S. practices of wiretapping in other countries by installing corresponding devices at the U.S. Embassies, and the data of “Wikileaks” declassified in 2015 revealed that the U.S. had long wiretapped the high-level officials of Germany and France.

And recently, a case of surveillance and wiretapping by the U.S. intelligence of the high-ranking officials of its allies through undersea cables came to light.

Who is the global “hacking kingpin” – this is now crystal clear.

The United States should stop deceiving the international society by wearing a mask of “cyber-security defender.”

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