Wednesday, 1 September 2021

What We Can Learn from the Reality of Afghanistan

The world is now quite disturbing as the U.S. is heaving sighs with lame excuses over the situation in Afghanistan that is spinning out of control beyond prediction and imagination of the international society.

When the whole world is criticizing and ridiculing the U.S. for the impropriety and vulnerability of its policy of strength, it is still straining to justify its inhumane policy of aggression insisting that it is to ensure “life safety” and “human rights” of the Afghans.

The U.S. insistence, in a word, is nothing but an absolutely unreasonable logic that its military aggression and domination can ensure “human rights” and “democracy”, but only “nightmare” and “misfortune” prevail when the U.S. loses its grip.

The U.S. makes it its business to interfere and commit aggressive war trampling underfoot sovereignty and dignity of sovereign states all over the world – is this really for the sake of human rights, democracy and counter-terrorism?

The circumstances behind Afghan war could be a good answer to this question.

After the September 11 incident, the U.S., playing on international “sympathy” focused on them, engineered the announcement of the UNSC president’s statement over the Afghan issue. After that, it brought up the agenda “International Terrorism Elimination Measures” before the plenary meeting of the 56th session of UNGA as a topic for discussion.

During its discussion, the U.S. depicted the war on terrorism as a “war of justice”, clamouring to punish the terrorists by all possible means. However, the majority of member states took explicit stand of zero tolerance to infringement upon sovereignty of other country which is committed under the pretext of punishing terrorism.

When its logic of aggression was met with opposition from the international society, the U.S. wielded power and resorted to arbitrariness to defiantly launch an armed invasion of Afghanistan in utter disregard of international law and the UN Charter.

The U.S. inflicted grievous deaths and sorrow of refugees upon numerous people by indiscriminate bombing and large-scale military operations. At the cost of this, the U.S. could have a grip on the strategic point in the region of south Asia where anti-U.S. states are concentrated, and at the same time it could have control over the petroleum and natural gas in the region of Caspian Sea.

Herein lies the true intention and purpose of the U.S., once so bent on assertion of “justice” and “counter-terrorism” before the world.

In Iraq, Sadam regime once stood in the van of OPEC states to reject dollar and to declare euro as its major currency for trade clearance. But it met its tragic end all of a sudden, being deprived of its more than 70 oil fields. The reality in Libya is that it is still suffering from an endless civil war. These tragic realities substantiate the fact that U.S. indeed is the main culprit wrecking global peace and security who does not scruple to commit aggression, massacre and plunder when it comes to its strategy of world domination and gangster like pursuit of its profits.

The reality reminds us of the philosophical principle once again that the world people and the international society should wage a resolute struggle against the U.S. acts of inhumane aggression in order to ensure genuine international justice and world peace.

To counter high-handedness and aggression with the might of justice and unity – this is the principle.


Ko Hyok

Researcher of Society for International Politics Study

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