Saturday, 4 September 2021

People’s Korea is an independent anti-revisionist country of Juche -special article by Dr Dermot Hudson


Some people like to dismiss the record of People’s Korea and the Workers Party of Korea (WPK) in opposing and combating  modern revisionism ignoring the fact that the WPK led by President KIM IL SUNG and Chairman KIM JONG IL opposed modern revisionism from the start . People’s Korea and the Workers Party Party of Korea strongly opposed modern revisionism but from an independent position . President KIM IL SUNG said that  “"In 1955, therefore, our Party set forth the definite policy of establishing Juche, and has been persistently urging an energetic ideological struggle to carry it through ever since. The year 1955 marked a turning point in our Party's consistent struggle against dogmatism. It was also at that time, in fact, that we started our struggle against modern revisionism that had emerged within the socialist camp. Our struggle against dogmatism was thus linked up with the struggle against modern revisionism".

   Whilst at the august KIM IL SUNG  university the young comrade KIM JONG IL in the early 1960s he wrote works such as the  "The Characteristics of Modern imperialism and Its Aggressive Nature.""On the Appearance of Modern Revisionism " and " On the Reactionary Nature of Modern Revisionism and Our Party's Revolutionary Stand in the Anti-revisionist Struggle". Comrade KIM JONG IL visited Albanian students at the university on the national day of Albania in the early 1960s which was a gesture of solidarity towards Albania which was under pressure from the big power chauvinists and modern revisionists.

  The DPRK press published articles such as ‘ Let Us Defend the Socialist Camp' and ‘ Hold high the revolutionary banner of national liberation’ which criticized modern revisionism .

    Of course the DPRK was one of a number of countries in the 1960s that opposed modern revisionism . However some of these countries collapsed or fell by the wayside . One country that had styled itself as the most anti-revisionist country and bulwark of the world proletarian revolution even made friends with the imperialists and opted for ‘reform ‘ and ‘opening up’.

  However the DPRK has stood firm against modern revisionism . 1978 comrade KIM JONG IL declared that ‘   " Revisionism is  a reflection of the capitalist ideology that has cropped up  in the communist movement and is the most dangerous counter-revolutionary ideological trend’  and put forward the slogan ‘ Let Us Live Our Own Way  !’

  When socialism was frustrated in a number of countries in the late 1980s and early 1990s , People’s Korea bravely held high the red flag of socialism and denounced revisionism . The WPK rallied the communist and socialist parties of the world by publishing the Pyongyang Declaration to defend and uphold socialism . The Pyongyang Declaration has now been signed by many parties in the world .

 Recently at the 8th Congress of the WPK respected Marshal KIM JONG UN called for stepping up the struggle against anti-socialism (which includes modern revisionism ) and non-socialism .

Thus as the DPRK approaches the 73rd anniversary of its foundation and the Workers Party of Korea approaches its 76th anniversary we reflect on the achievement of the WPK and DPRK in combating modern revisionism . The DPRK is indeed an independent anti-revisionist country of Juche !

Dr Dermot Hudson

Chairman British Group for the Study of the Juche Idea.

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