Wednesday, 29 September 2021

KCNA Commentary Blasts Japan's Moves for Weaponizing Outer Space

Pyongyang, September 28 (KCNA) -- The Defense Ministry of Japan has recently decided to organize the "second space operation unit" in a base of the Air "Self-Defense Force" by 2022 under the pretext of monitoring the obstructive moves against its satellites.

In May last year Japan formed a "space operation unit" with a mission to stop its satellites from colliding with space debris and other objects.

Now it is going to organize another space operation unit to track the electric waves jamming the communications between its satellites and the ground stations and their features.

This fact shows that Japan has become ever-more undisguised in its sinister moves to use outer space for military purposes.

Japan has reached a dangerous phase in its moves for turning itself into a military power, as evidenced by its desperate efforts involving even outer space, to say nothing of sky, ground and sea.

After the publication of the Diet decision that "confines the use of outer space to the one for peaceful purposes" in 1969, Japan adopted "the basic law on space" permitting the use of outer space for military purposes in 2008 by slyly changing the constitutional interpretation of the decision. Japan, which officially declared outer space as a new defense space, has emerged as a force capable of carrying out space wars by possessing a perfect information-collecting satellite system, missile technology and missile defense system.

What should not be overlooked is that the Japanese warmongers never hide the fact that their capability for conducting a space war is aimed at realizing their wild ambition for reinvasion.

The Japanese authorities claimed that the "right of collective self-defense" can be exercised even in space, the earlier neutralization of the enemy's base ensures a war victory and the means for doing so are the electromagnetic wave and satellite, thus revealing that their moves for outer space weaponization are to subdue the countries around the Japanese archipelago and dominate the world.

Japan, a criminal state which inflicted untold damage upon humanity in the past century, desperately seeks a chance of revenge for its defeat, far from admitting its past crimes and making reparations for it.

This clearly shows the danger of the moves of the descendents of Samurais for weaponizing outer space and turning itself into a military giant.

All the facts prove that Japan's undisguised moves for building a military giant being extended even to outer space are, indeed, dangerous ones destroying regional peace and security.

Today the international community is vigilant against the Japanese reactionaries' reckless moves for realizing their ambition for reinvasion.

Those who fail to remember the past have no future and those who repeat past crimes deserve severer punishment.

Japan should not act rashly, bearing in mind that its moves for a military giant will precipitate its ruin. -0-

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