Thursday, 30 September 2021

DPRK's History of Self-reliance (29)

Pyongyang, September 30 (KCNA) -- There is neither difficulty insurmountable nor fortress unconquerable when one struggles in reliance on one's own efforts. This is the faith kept in the minds of the DPRK people.

The truth can be evidenced by the Wonsan Army-People Power Station the inhabitants in Kangwon Province of the DPRK built, displaying the revolutionary spirit of self-reliance and fortitude and the indomitable spirit.

To build the power station was a gigantic project needing a great deal of manpower and materials.

Chairman Kim Jong Il personally initiated the project to settle the shortage of electricity in the province and selected the sites for dam, waterway tunnel and generator room. And he solved all the problems arising in the project. Thanks to his warm love and energetic guidance, the Wonsan Army-People Power Station could be built on Masikryong mountain range as the fruition of self-reliance.

Going round the completed power station in Juche 105 (2016), the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un said it shows once again the truth that self-reliance is the only way out and there is nothing impossible to do when one holds the self-reliance and self-development as the motive power.

With the spirit of self-reliance, the DPRK people have made new types of tractors with a capacity of 80 h.p. and subway trains in today's grand march for ushering in another period of great upsurge and turn in the revolution by giving full play to the tremendous mental and creative power.

They, who cultivated the spirit of self-reliance and defended the gains of the revolution by their own efforts under the guidance of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il, are now growing to be persons strong in faith and ardent patriots, fully armed with the spirit of self-reliance, under the care of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un. -

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