Saturday, 25 September 2021

The United States – “Tundra” of Human Ethics

When asked about the most beautiful thing in the world, people usually answer – the mother’s love.

That is because the mother’s love is, indeed, the warmest and purest one in the world.

However, it has become a commonplace in the U.S. where a large number of women even kill their own children, not to mention the fact that they abandon and maltreat their own children, regarding them as an odious burden.

On September 11, an appalling criminal case occurred in Illinois of the U.S. where a 37-year-old mother shot her son to death, much to the consternation of the public.

The motive of the murder was allegedly that the son had answered that he had no idea about the lost car memory card when his mother was urging him to give up.

The woman, being infuriated at her son’s answer, sprayed bullets to his head on the spot.

Then, she shouted again to the son who had fell down on the floor, urging for the memory card, before shooting him again to have taken his life away.

Afterwards, the police made public the result of its investigation saying that the memory card was put away not by the son but by his mother the day before the crime occurred. This has invited wild rage of the public.

The harsh reality is that things have come to a sorry pass where even a mother kills her own son. This shows the true picture of the American society – the “tundra” of human ethics – where the human hatred, immorality and depravity are rampant.

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