Saturday, 11 September 2021

'DPRK as a truly popular and democratic country of real socialism'- Alan Bolon KFA UK Organisation Secretary and head of KFA UK West of England

    On the 9th of September we will celebrate the 73th anniversary of the foundation of Democratic People's Republic of Korea - the country of real socialism on the march towards communism.

The history of the foundation of the DPRK was rooted in the numerous episodes of the history of the struggle for national liberation and the liberation of the people. In the history of Korea, the decades under Japanese occupation, the national liberation struggle of the Korean people was  led by Comrade Kim Il Sung. The people's liberation consciousness has been growing by years and it aroused the  masses to struggle for the  liberty of the people of occupied and exploited Korea by the Japanese invaders into  guerilla's struggle .

Furthermore, these tendencies developed in the Juche Idea since the first historical speech of Comrade Kim Il Sung in 1930 in Kalun, unique  to Korea, created and directed the only one of world history's original Korean road to socialism. The road that was  guided by the philosophy of Juche and Songun Politics. 

A landmark event in the history of Korea was the proclamation of the DPRK on 9th of September 1948 Unfortunately not all of the Korean territory was in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. The southern  area after the Korean War stayed as a zone heavily militarized and occupied by foreign troops and ruled by the south Korean puppets and the conquest of their US imperialist machine. Unfortunately it remains until today.

Since the beginning of the foundation of DPRK, its  history marked  the next milestones for  building a strong and independent state of people's democracy. The Korean movement - 'Chollima' after the Korean War in 1956 and late 1990s for 'Second Chollima Movement' rapidly laid the foundations for the current economic power of the DPRK. The speed, enthusiasm and efficiency of the popular masses in building a democratic and fully socialist state had no equal in the world history of social development. The social and economic achievements of DPRK over the decades since Peoples Korea was founded are impressive. Free health service with extensive social care, free accommodation and no taxes are a few from a long list to make DPRK a country of real socialism, socialist paradise with a social system that is friendly to people and focused on their needs, and the continuous improvement of their living conditions in every way .

DPRK is a country that cares about its values ​​and achievements. This is because, unfortunately, there are many enemies. The enemies have existed since DPRK was founded and even before.

Peoples Korea since its founding has met with extremely hostile activities from imperialist countries led by the US . Therefore, the DPRK must protect and defend its socio - political system, it must always be vigilant and attentive to any attempts of hostile activity. By the way, Comrade Alejandro Cao de Benos who is the founder and president Korean Friendship Association said:

'You never will open the door to your house to a person that has been insulting your father, insulting you 

and something and threatening you and sanctioning you. 

If you do not know something, if for you DPRK is a black hole you say for me do not know anything about DPRK 

It is such a mysterious country, you know. 

It is a secret country - okay, it is fine. It is true. 

It is a secret country, you can see that. 

It is a fortress we are very much protecting our system'

( From a movie: 'The Propaganda Game' )

It is a fortress indeed. This fortress has been built up by many decades for peoples as a land of happiness. It is a land where each citizen lives to the fullest of his possibilities and social development and realizes his natural aspirations and needs without obstacles for all. Not for selfish reasons or for profit, as is the case in capitalist countries, but for the good of the whole, for the good of a whole society and therefore where there is a high degree of social discipline and activity for the good of the motherland and its development. 

The DPRK is a fully sovereign state. A state that is independent and not dependent on anything or anyone in political, economic and social spheres. DPRK is a country where power is in the hands of the popular masses. It means that every citizen of DPRK is allowed to contribute in democratic elections and express their opinions and ideas.  Not like in imperialist countries where the ruling classes dictate who and where is taken the state power to express aspirations to secure the bourgeois interests of a group of capitalist corporations or owners of the resources of production. The economy in DPRK is planned according to the central plan and subordinated to the needs of the society and not for the profit of private owners. The wise and prudent DPRK state manages all areas of socio-economic life in accordance with the philosophy of Juche focused on man and his needs. 

The last decade of developing Peoples Korea shows clearly that the path from the beginning time, from foundations and guerilla's was and is absolutely right. People's Korea is growing in strength and power in the military and economic spheres. The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is an  'Asian - superpower' in our age.


All of this is happening through hardships and difficulties creed by the hostile imperialist countries with the US at the forefront. It is also under the conditions of hostile propaganda and numerous economic sanctions. The Juche philosophy, the philosophy of self-sufficiency and creativity where man is the center of everything under the guidance of brilliant leader beloved and respected Kim Jong Un, guides Peoples Korea, Korea of Juche 

to new victories and glorious achievements in the march towards communism.


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