Tuesday, 7 September 2021

Immortal Feats Exceptionally Engraved in National History


Sacred blue and red national flag is proudly fluttering high in the clear sky of our motherland – prestigious by independent politics, prospering by self-reliance and strong by self-defensive capabilities.

Entering a new century of Juche, our Republic has been able to be developed and strengthened into a socialist stronghold with considerably increased international prestige and influence and into a fortress of anti-imperialism and independence, paving the way for global independence and justice. This is entirely a proud fruition brought by the outstanding ideological and theoretical achievements of respected Comrade Kim Jong Un.

It is not a simple undertaking which could be carried out by any leader to illuminate correct fighting directions and targets, and their tasks and ways forward in every time and stage of the development of revolution and to lead a socialist cause only to victory without admitting of a moment’s standstill or stagnation.

This is the greatest cause that could only be achieved by respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who embodies exceptional ideological and theoretical wisdom and foresight, and boundless love and devotion for the country and people.

Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un performed immortal feats of providing comprehensive elucidations of the external policy position of our Republic and the theoretical and practical issues arising in implementation of the cause of global independence at his historic conclusions made at the Seventh and Eighth Congresses of the Workers’ Party of Korea and other several works including the speech “On Socialist Construction and the Internal and External Policies of the Government of the Republic at the Present Stage” delivered at the First Session of the 14th Supreme People’s Assembly of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

Comrade Kim Jong Un highlighted detailed directions and ways for expanding and developing the good-neighborly, friendly and cooperative relations with the countries of the world on the independent principles of implementing foreign policies of our Republic based on the Juche-oriented position in conformity with the requirement and specific situation of our revolution and also addressing issues arising in the international relations in conformity with the aspiration of our people and the interests of our revolution.

Having affirmed that socialism is a core force for anti-imperialism and independence and a key factor that promotes the realization of global independence, respected Comrade Kim Jong Un has ensured that the socialist countries increase their mutual support and solidarity in the efforts for achieving their common goals and ideals, and our Republic firmly maintains the principled stand of strengthening unity and collaboration with the socialist countries and revolutionary Parties.

He defined global independence as the overall task to be carried forward by us, and put forward a revolutionary line that our Republic, as a defender of independence and justice, should play a role of pioneer in the struggle for achieving global independence. Our country was thus able to resolutely oppose and reject the high-handedness, arbitrariness, aggression and interference by certain forces and to strengthen unity with the anti-imperialist, independent countries of the world.

It was a decade overflowing with jubilation of victory and vibrating with excitement.

Because we hold respected Comrade Kim Jong Un at the highest post of our Republic, our country was indeed able to attain an internationally high position inconceivable by others even through generations and to demonstrate to the world its imposing dignity as a powerful socialist state in such a short period which could be compared to a moment in the long human history.

Thanks to the treasured sword provided by respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, peerlessly great man, and his wise leadership, our Republic will continue to advance dynamically towards accomplishing the cause of global independence and the socialist cause, whatever the tremendous hardships and difficulties.

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