Wednesday, 15 September 2021

U.S. Challenge to "One China" Principle Rejected

Pyongyang, September 15 (KCNA) -- Kim Myong Chol, an international affairs analyst, released the following commentary:

Recently the U.S. has openly intervened in the Taiwan issue as part of its anti-China pressure offensive, thereby threatening the sovereignty and territorial integrity of China.

In April the U.S. administration made public new guidelines stating that it would loosen the travel restrictions to Taiwan and promote the government-level contacts. In June it connived at its Senators visiting Taiwan aboard a military plane under the excuse of "provision of vaccines".

In mid-July a U.S. forces special operational plane and transport plane landed in a Taiwan airport one after another and in August the U.S. decided to sell sophisticated military hardware worth 750 million U.S. dollars to Taiwan.

It openly announced that it is going to invite the "president" of Taiwan to an international "conference" in its efforts to give a shot in the arm of the "independent" forces of Taiwan.

It has even schemed to put international pressure on China by inveigling its allies like Japan, south Korea and Europe into the Taiwan issue.

The aim sought by the U.S. through its attachment to the sensitive Taiwan issue is to use it as a means for putting pressure on China so as to deter China from making growth, disintegrate the country and stamp out its socialist system in the end.

Preventing division of the country and achieving its unification is an issue pertaining to the sovereignty, security and territorial integrity of China and, therefore, no one is entitled to intervene in it.

The U.S. moves clearly prove the nature of the American empire that is leaving no means untried in a bid to attain its sordid purpose.

Now China is strongly standing against the U.S. moves designed at the permanent division of the country.

The Chinese Party and government have denounced the U.S. moves as an open challenge to the principle of "one China" and three China-U.S. joint communiques, and as vicious acts violating the core interests of China. They solemnly declared their intent to foil the moves of the anti-unification forces at home and abroad, solve the Taiwan issue and thus realize the unification of the country.

The stand of the Chinese Party and government to strongly oppose the outside forces' attempt at creating "two Chinas" and to defend the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country is fully supported by the Korean people.

The U.S. hell-bent on the preparations for a new war is steadily building up armed forces in and around the Korean peninsula in its persistent moves to perpetuate the division of the Korean nation and territory and disrupt peace and stability in the region.

The Korean people reject the U.S. moves for interference in the internal affairs and division and will always stand with the Chinese people on the road for defending the socialist cause. -0-

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