Tuesday, 14 September 2021

Fleeing By Loser


The withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan was completed on August 30, and with this, the overseas military operation which remained the longest in U.S. history has thus closed the curtains.

It is the unanimous judgment of international society, though, that this withdrawal – which is being beautified by the United States as a calculated follow-up to so-called “termination of military operation” – is a mere loser’s fleeing.

“American-style freedom” which has been transplanted to the land of Afghanistan during the past 20 years was “freedom of bloodshed and confusion” that led to the death of more than 30,000 civilians and triggered 11 million refugees.

On September 1, President Putin of Russian Federation observed at a meeting that the U.S. troops have attempted to introduce their norms of life and criteria during their 20-year-long stationing in Afghanistan, but the results are only loss and tragedy, stating that they should respect the history, culture and philosophy of other countries, and come to their senses that nothing can be imposed from the outside.

Meanwhile, a vice-minister of Russian Foreign Ministry ridiculed at an interview with one of Russian mass media that the desertion by Ghani government is an inevitable consequence of 20-year-long “democratic reform” pursued by the United States in Afghanistan.

The above can be taken as a proper judgment on the United States which ran amuck for 20 years to introduce “freedom” and “democracy” in Afghanistan, only to end up with a tragicomedy of the loser’s fleeing.

It can be said that the history of shame brought to the U.S. in Afghanistan actually started from the moment it had made the decision on the military invasion of this country and the interference in its internal affairs.

If the U.S. resorts to the aggression of sovereign countries and the interference in their internal affairs, being oblivious to the lesson drawn from the crisis in Afghanistan, this will only accelerate its own destruction.

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