Saturday, 4 September 2021

Korean Cultural Assets (10)From


The ancestors of the Korean nation with a high level of civilization created many delicate and rich figures, landscapes and still life with beautiful colours and varied techniques. Those pieces of fine art still focus a great admiration of the world.

However, a great deal of those valuable art pieces were plundered and destroyed by the Japanese invaders mad in pillaging and ravaging when they occupied temporarily many parts of Korea during the Imjin Patriotic War. A typical one is the Mongyudowondo, a landscape by An Kyon, a famous artist during the feudal Joson dynasty in 1447.

The Mongyudowondo was a master piece to the extent of being appreciated as reaching a “marvelous stage” by Song Hyon, one of typical academicians and a talented folktale writer in the 15th century.  

It was not only high in the artistic value, but also an important historical material in the study of the history of fine arts of the early period of the feudal Joson dynasty.

It had been long concealed in Japan after having been plundered by Japanese invaders and was opened to public by a Japanese during the Japanese occupation of Korea

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