Monday, 13 September 2021

True Facade of “Country of Advanced Human Rights”, Human Rights Judge” Mirrored in Rights of Child

“Kids’ Rights Foundation”, an international organization that oversees protection of the rights of the child headquartered in the Netherlands, has recently observed in its 2021 report on the situation of the rights of the child that the United Kingdom (UK) has been ranked 169th among 182 countries studied.

This can be said to be a fair and objective judgment by the international society about the miserable situation of the children’s rights in the UK.

According to the data compiled by the British Home Office and the Institution of Local Authorities, the UK has recorded over 2,400 instances of severe maltreatment of children from 2020 to the present – 41% increase as compared to the same period 5 years ago.

Numerous British children are either suffering from melancholy as victims of sexual violence, or living in great pains and miseries, being reduced into alcoholics and drug addicts.

Furthermore, one third of the families with children aged under 5 are reportedly impoverished, and millions of children are languishing in hunger.

One Western media deplored that the UK has killed numerous children in Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries under the pretext of “counter-terrorism” but those responsible are enjoying impunity and unfettered life under the protection of the British government.

This is the true facade of the United Kingdom which habitually admonishes and meddles in the situation of human rights of other countries.

The international media and the human rights experts are now mocking and ridiculing the UK in poignant terms, commenting that the UK, a self-styled “country of advanced human rights”, “human rights judge”, has been exposed to the public disgrace by the latest release of the report on the rights of the child.

If the UK truly cares about the improvement of human rights across the world, it should first redress its serious human rights situation at home, rather than abusing the issue of human rights as a tool for intervening in other countries having different values.

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