Wednesday, 22 September 2021

Don’t Mock the World

The U.S. and the Western countries have become a target of criticism and condemnation of the international society as their grave criminal acts of human rights violation came to light, which were perpetrated in Afghanistan in the past 20 years. If they have even a tiny portion of moral principles and perception, it would be prudent for them to exercise self-restraint before the world.

This notwithstanding, the U.S. and the Western countries mocked the international society once again by talking about the “respect for human rights” in Afghanistan while putting aside their own human rights crimes at the meeting of the United Nations Security Council which was held some time ago.

It is a common practice for anyone with a criminal record to keep mum, afraid lest anyone discover his or her crime and true colors.

However, the U.S. and the Western countries, being impervious to such an emotional intelligence, are openly playing deceptive tricks on the stage where the issues of world peace and security are discussed with. Such being the situation, we can’t but conduct a post mortem on the true picture of “human rights” trumpeted by them.

In Afghanistan, the U.S. and the Western countries inflicted grievous deaths upon 470,000 peaceful civilians and tens of thousands of children, and gave birth to more than ten million refugees under the pretext of “counter-terrorism”. However, they are blowing their own trumpet about their human rights crime as “hard-won development and gains for human rights and freedom.” Where on earth did this way of thinking originate from?

This traces back to the way of thinking of the colonialists who massacred the bare-handed indigenous people with guns and swords and raised the flag over a heap of their corpses, advocating that it is the product of “democracy”.

After all, what the U.S. and the Western countries talk about “human rights” and “freedom” are the ones which enable them to establish a ruling system obedient to them even at the cost of setting the whole world afire and slaughtering all the humanity. On the contrary, the “human rights” entitled to other countries and nations only mean the “rights” which would make them fall down before their gunfire.

The U.S. and the Western countries are the main culprits of human rights violation who destroyed Afghanistan and other sovereign states and massacred innocent people. But they still dare to comment on the human rights and freedom before the world. This is indeed a mockery of the international society and an intolerable act of insulting human rights.

What’s clear is that the era of domination, where the U.S. and the Western countries exercised “privileges” while taking the ideal and desire of humanity towards human rights as an excuse for interference and aggression, is drawing to an end, and there no longer exists a country in this world which would be deceived by their “human rights” farce.

The present era is an era where all countries and nations aspire to independence, and it is the voice of the world that the sacred rights of human beings should not become a political bargaining chip for specific forces any longer.

The international society will have to wage a resolute struggle without allowing the wrong acts of the U.S. and the Western countries that impose immeasurable pains and miseries on humanity disguising interference and aggressive policies against the sovereign states behind the signboard of “justice” and “human rights”.

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