Wednesday, 22 September 2021

Who Needs a War?

In September 2001, the United Nations General Assembly(UNGA) adopted at its 55th session a resolution designating September 21 as International Day of Peace and appealed to all countries of the world to cooperate with UN to put an end to wars worldwide.

However, the past history proves positive that the general awareness-building against war and appeal can no way put an end to the war that threatens the very existence of humanity, and peace can be brought about only when the root cause of war is eliminated.

Then who is the main culprit of war driving the entire world into destruction?

It is none other than the U.S. and the Western countries who seriously threaten and disturb world peace and security, regarding interference in the internal affairs of sovereign states and war of aggression as their major means of realizing dominationism and as their mode of existence.

Seeking monopolistic high profits, large-scale export of its capital and overseas expansion – these constitute economic strategy indispensable to the U.S. and the Western countries that operate and sustain itself by big monopolies. And the victims of such a strategy are developing countries with inexhaustible supply of manpower and natural resources.

The U.S. and the Western countries disturb peace making it their business to interfere in the internal affairs of sovereign countries and perpetrate armed invasion. No other purpose lies in it than to establish their politico-military domination system. It seeks to escape, at the same time, from their inherent economic crisis and stagnation by satisfying the hunger for money of big monopolies.

The sales market for mammoth munition monopolies, the mainstream monopolies, is none other than the battlefield.

When the whole territory of a sovereign state turns into barren land and its innocent people perish shedding blood, the U.S. and the Western munition monopolies that have piled up money through mass sales of their war supplies rejoice over the boom – such is the world of the day mirrored in wars.

A few days ago, Brown University of the U.S. made public its research data to the effect that the U.S. waged wars squandering 8 trillion USD in more than 80 countries under the pretext of “counter-terrorism” since September 11 incident of 2001. This is a clear example which awoke the world once again to the extent of profit the U.S. munition monopoly earned at the cost of the bloodshed of numerous people.

BBC and many other Western media unanimously comment that the explosive increase of military expenditure by the U.K., France, and other Western countries is a measure to ensure business activity of numerous defense industries and an attempt at saving large enterprises and small and medium subcontractors from crisis.

Herein lies the true nature of the U.S. and the West who can batten on and exist only through wars.

Seeking solely to sustain their lifeline and to satisfy their limitless greed, the U.S. and the West ruthlessly trample on sovereignty and dignity of sovereign states. The thing of grave concern is that such acts of military aggression throw many countries around the world into ruins unable to be restored even after decades and into dark areas suffering unending famine and poverty, all of which causing an endless vicious circle of humanitarian crisis.

All countries aspiring to independence and peace should, in firm unity, resolutely reject the acts of aggression and interference by the U.S. and the West which are committed under the signboard of “democracy” and “counter-terrorism”, and actively struggle to safeguard peace and security of the world.

Ko Hyok

Researcher of Society for International Politics Study

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