Thursday, 16 September 2021

DPRK's History of Self-reliance (27

Pyongyang, September 16 (KCNA) -- There is a UHP electric furnace at the Chollima Steel Complex of the DPRK.

The UHP electric furnace is a precious creation of self-reliance. Chairman Kim Jong Il gave a task of making the UHP electric furnace to the workers of the complex and energetically guided the work.

The Chairman, who had paid deep attention to the modernization of the complex, dispatched officials of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea to the complex to encourage its workers to manufacture the UHP electric furnace by their own efforts. When they suffered hardships, he gave strength and courage to them and settled the knotty problems.

Inspired by his warm love and deep trust, the working class of the complex set up the UHP electric furnace only in a few months by displaying the spirit of self-reliance and fortitude and turned out the first molten iron in October Juche 97 (2008).

The Chairman visited the Chollima Steel Complex on December 24 that year, highly appreciating its officials, workers and technicians. He ardently called on the complex to kindle the torch of a new great revolutionary upswing.

Later, the working class of the complex introduced a new charging method conducive to shortening the melting time and made another breakthrough in putting the steel industry on a Juche basis by establishing a new fire-proof material production process with domestic technology and resources. -0-

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