Wednesday, 1 September 2021

Passing Bell Sounds for American “Time of Hegemony”

In the wake of Afghan crisis, due comments are globally streamed out every day such as “collapse of American-style world”, “U.S.-led peace reaching a dead end”, “disintegration of American sphere of domination” etc, all suggesting that “time of hegemony” of the United States has come to an end.

A member of the Russian Federation Council commented on August 27 that “American-style world” had been established after the fall of Berlin Wall and the collapse of Soviet Union, but its hegemony is now doomed to destruction, and the U.S. “finally gave up its application for world domination”, having suffered the continuous political defeat in Afghanistan preceded by the ones in Iraq, Libya and Syria.

Earlier, one British commentator said that the United States, fielding its military troops in more than 150 countries, is following in the footsteps of the British Empire which had vanished into the history during the first part of 20th century, and the decline of American economy and the crisis in Afghanistan are apparently contributing to this symptom.

On August 25, head of policy research group in India pointed out that the fall of Kabul has served as a critical occasion to reveal the miserable fates of the countries dragged into the scramble of big powers for hegemony and at the same time, to testify to an imminent end of U.S.-led peace, contending that the “international appeal” of the U.S. has been torn into pieces, never to be recovered by any means.

A passing bell is sounding for the American “time of hegemony” buried at twilight.

Decline and fall of the United States – which has been mercilessly trampling underfoot the world peace and stability by wielding aggression, high-handedness and arbitrariness – are now an indisputable stark reality.

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