Thursday, 2 September 2021

Method of Calculating Profitability, Born of Dedication to People

It is a common practice for each country to give priority to calculating profitability in drawing up its national economic policy.

Calculation of profitability, being recognized as a major index related to economic development of a country, forms the basis of policy making at state level, going beyond a family.

In our country which regards dedication to people as the mode of its existence as well as the revolutionary Party discipline, there is the one and only method of calculating profitability unique to the world that disregards such a practice.

Vast amounts of state funds are being invested in housing projects which are in full swing everywhere in our country. These include building 10,000 apartments in Pyongyang and the residential district of terraced apartment buildings on the bank of the River Pothong, all of which change their looks beyond recognition on a daily basis, demonstrating the stamina of Juche Korea and the power of single-hearted unity all over the world.

It is only too natural that economic policy makers on this planet remain doubtful as to how house buildings could be funded unsparingly at this moment when everything is difficult and in short supply while the funding is needed in so many important sectors such as economic construction and building up of national defensive power.

When one recalls the fact that all the houses built at state’s expense are provided to the people free of charge in our country, it is not without reason that this kind of doubt can be raised.

Entering this July, the average cost of dwelling houses was said to be increased by 25.2% compared to the last year, reaching the ceiling in New Zealand. The price of dwelling houses continued to rise for 13 months, going up by 6.9% in Ireland as well.

Voices of apprehension and concern about gloomy future are raised due to the soaring prices of the dwelling houses everywhere in the world. But it has become a common phase of the times in socialist Korea to see people every day dance with joy in each other’s arms after they are provided with modern dwelling houses gratis.

It is for such a long time spanning scores of years that our people have been living as the owners of new dwelling houses in new streets. But whoever has imagined that the work to build dwelling houses, the long-cherished gigantic work for people, would continue without interruption on a larger scale even in such an unprecedented and extremely difficult situation as of today?

This is a miracle brought about by respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who dedicated himself to the work to provide our people with home of happiness at an early date, saying that we should even do a losing business and should not prefer to calculate profitability in the work for people.

In the near future, the world will see in wonder the ordinary people, who rendered meritorious service to the prosperity and development of our country, moving into new houses in the residential district of terraced apartment buildings on the bank of the River Pothong, yet another ideal street.

That is none other than a paradise of a powerful state the peerless great man built up with love for and ardent devotion to people.

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