Monday, 12 April 2021

Speech of Staffordshire KFA UK branch and Stoke on Trent branch of the BGSJI to the Online Meeting for the Day of the Sun

109th Birth Anniversary of President Kim IL Sung

Kim IL Sung's life and struggle were one of the most epic proportions. To have found a Party and Revolutionary Army, to have built up a Democratic Peoples Republic and constructed Socialism, most dramatically to have defeated the two mightiest military powers, Japanese Militarism and US Imperialism would have been an accomplishment for any political leader. One of Kim IL Sung's lasting and portent legacies was to have authored the Juche Idea, the ideology of human liberation. In the historical era, when the masses of the people have appeared as active agents of social change. Kim IL Sung's Juche Idea was the suitable ideology for those challenges. Kimilsungism furnishes comprehensive answers to the theoretical and practical issues involving national liberation, class struggle and human empowerment. Independence and creativity have been and remain the hallmarks of the Korean Revolution.

Kim IL Sung foresaw the future development of Korean Socialism and the prospects for its further consolidation. Kim IL Sung wisely chose Kim Jong IL as his successor in 1974 to continue with the revolutionary cause of Juche. Socialism in the DPRK did not suffer the reversals or collapses or even the watering down reforms as some other Socialist Countries experienced because it had firm and creative leadership. Kim Jong IL later systematized the theory of President Kim IL Sung doing the International Socialist Movement an immense service. The 8th Congress of the Workers' Party of Kore applied Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism to the tasks of the 2020s under the guidance of the WPK General Secretary Kim Jong Un, making the DPRK powerful, prosperous and even more socialist.

Kim IL Sung worked tirelessly for the fulfilment of Korean reunification and for the accomplishment of World Peace. Kim IL Sung devoted all his efforts to achieve the independent and peaceful reunification of Korea. Kim IL Sung always stressed that reunification should be undertaken by the Korean people themselves, whether they be in the north, in the south or overseas. Throughout his lifetime, Kim IL Sung made many proposals for reunification, such as founding the Democratic Conderfederal Republic of Koryo in October 1980 and the Ten Point Programme For Reunification in April 1993. Even in July 1994, during the last month of his great life, Kim IL Sung strived for Korean reunification. Preventing war and safeguarding peace was a top priority for Kim IL Sung. The DPRK President urged the creation of Nuclear-Free, Peace Zones on the Korean peninsula and in North-East Asia in 1983 and in 1986.

The haters, bigots and warmongers will never be able to halt the Friends of Korea and the Juche Idea Adherents from promoting the message of Kim IL Sung's legacy, that one of independence, anti-imperialism, socialism and peace. Let us work to develop relations of understanding and friendship between the peoples of the United Kingdom and the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea, to overcome the lies and distortions about the DPRK and to promote the culture of Peoples Korea in every possible way. Upholding the Juche Idea we should aim to Kimilsungize ourselves, our organisations and communities and our society. We should creatively apply the principles of the Juche Idea to the conditions of the British Isles in our day to day activities.  This April we urge all progressive people to mark the 109th birth anniversary of the Great Leader President Kim IL Sung!

(A contribution made by a representative of the Staffordshire Branch of the UK Korean Friendship Association to the Online KFA/The British Group For The Study of the Juche Idea Seminar "On The Life & Time of President Kim IL Sung held on April 11th. 2021 ).

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