Thursday, 15 April 2021

KCNA on Japan's Criminal Decision Posing Threat to Human Existence

Pyongyang, April 15 (KCNA) -- Japan is going to inflict another disaster upon mankind suffering from malignant epidemic.

On April 13, the Japanese government, in spite of strong opposition by the international community, decided to discharge into the sea a very vast amount of highly radioactive water accumulated after an accident at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Station.

This is an unpardonable criminal decision posing grave threat to health and security of mankind and ecological environment, which comes to be another clear instance showing Japan's shamelessness and gangster-like nature.

The radioactive water, accumulated at the power station since a massive earthquake and tsunami triggered a triple core meltdown in 2011, contains such materials as tritium, cesium and strontium far beyond the tolerable limits.

Japan has stored a large amount of contaminated water in tanks. But with the storage capacity reaching the limit, it began revealing its intention to release radioactive water into the sea.

The Japanese government, which has failed so far to make a decision in the face of strong opposition by the international community, is advertising the dangerous radioactive water as "clean water" treated through purification process.

If the water, called even radioactive waste, is discharged into the sea, a vast amount of dangerous substances in it will spread to most Pacific waters by the fast marine current of the Fukushima coast within scores of days.

This will destroy the ecological environment of the sea, a common wealth of mankind, and entail serious risks to health and existence of the people in coastal areas.

Moreover, for our country which lies across a sea from Japan, Japan's project for discharging the radioactive water is a matter of seriousness related to the life and security of our people.

Japan's decision brought to light again its true colors as a villain, notorious rogue that threatens mankind and destroys the global ecological environment for the sake of its own interests.

Japan should immediately withdraw its decision on radioactive water discharge, well aware of the anti-Japanese resentment of our enraged people. -0

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