Monday, 5 April 2021


What do you understand about Philosophy? 

It is what we as human beings follow as a code of ethics and how we behave to our fellow man. Without a philosophy to follow we would have anarchy, no rule of law and no sense of humanity which makes the world an inhabitable place. 

How would you argue against someone who says that philosophy has no relevance to anything

I would simply say how do you follow ethics? Ethics that make us care, love, and respect our fellow man? Without a philosophical attitude in life one doesn’t understand our fellow man, you can’t show compassion when it’s nor share wisdom to improve the life of everyone around us including ourselves. 

How is man different from animals? 

Man is the dominant person in our existence whilst an animal does indeed hunt and places itself higher than other animals for e.g. a Lion and a mouse. The Lion in the food chain is going to be higher up, but the limitation of an animal is that the animal doesn’t change the world i.e. The Lion can’t bring a mass of lions together to dominate the world in revolution and construction. The Lion and the mass of lions are only living within their circumstances. 

Man transforms the world through independence, Man decides his destiny and walks along that path with the masses. Man changes the world for better by advancing technology, and dominating that technology to improve the lives of the masses. An animal is still stuck with its instincts like it was thousands of years ago. However in those thousands of years man has dominated the world, and changed the world by controlling his destiny. Without the transformation of man and his domination of it we would still be living in caves. Man decided and continues to improve his life by dominating which in our present day has created technological feats and successes. 

What is the contribution of the Juche Idea to philosophical thought?

The Juche Idea and philosophy are “two peas in pod” The Great Leaders 

KIM IL SUNG & KIM JONG IL, and General Secretary KIM JONG UN have and continue to create feats by applying the philosophical principles of man being in control of his destiny by being a proud independent country in the face of imperialist aggression and inhumane sanctions by it’s lapdogs. Without the contribution of the Juche Idea to the philosophical thought to man then we would see a deranged dog try to exploit the Korean people further and attack it. 

The philosophical thought and the Juche Idea is what makes Socialist Korea an unbreakable country in the face of everything thrown at it. It is down to the single minded unity of the Juche Idea that we see Socialist Korea thrive and constantly improve the lives of man by dominating its surroundings. A very fresh example is that whilst the world is a very dark place… The bright flame and guiding light of the Juche Idea has enabled Socialist Korea to construct extremely modern houses for the worker. The construction and revolution wouldn’t be possible with the Juche Idea and the philosophical thought of man and single minded unity. 


Juche Idea Study Group of Ireland 

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