Monday, 19 April 2021

Naked callous treatment

Naked callous treatment


 South Korean mass outlets, analysts and even diplomatic officials concerned elevate their accusing voices on the south Korean authorities’ junket to the United States and China.  

The south Korean officials’ recent visit to the US and China offered knotty problems to south Korea, far from promising mutual cooperation on the policy towards north Korea, the outlets described.  

 The south Korean official made a string of poor excuses to calm down the crisis of the south Korea-US alliance, only to get cold shoulder from the US, south Korea was shunned by the US which attaches importance to Japan, the US put south Korea in an awkward position as the US touched on south Korea’s entry into Quad and realization of Indo-Pacific strategy at the meetings, the outlets said.

The south Korean authorities found itself in a pretty fix as big powers forced south Korea to choose between the two. They are reading the faces of big powers, sandwiched among them, the analysts commented.

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