Monday, 12 April 2021

Speech of the Chairman of the Juche Idea Study Group of Ireland to the Online Meeting of KFA UK and the British Group for the Study of the Juche Idea to Commemorate the Day of the Sun


Dear Comrades,

It is an honour to be given the chance to speak about the life of Great Comrade Eternal President KIM IL SUNG

Great Comrade KIM IL SUNG was a true Internationalist and Socialist 

Whenever he was giving field guidance or meeting heads of states, and friends of Korea he was always smiling. Comrade KIM IL SUNG had time for everyone and would always listen to them. Everyone who he spoke to always had aurora of happiness radiate from them afterwards, he was a real peoples person! 

As Comrade KIM IL SUNG said “The people are my God” 

Great Comrade KIM IL SUNG fought ferociously against Japanese imperialism as a young man. Even as a young man he was an inspirational man among the masses, wherever he went he brought people together for the greater good of man, woman and child. 

When Comrade KIM IL SUNG and the masses kicked out the Japanese imperialists from their land. He immediately started his work for the peaceful reunification of Korea! 

From the start he was faced with many challenges but he rose above these challenges like a Great Leader does! I quote from a speech he gave at the 25th Meeting of the Central Committee of the Democratic National United Front of North Korea dated March 9th, 1948


By pressure from the US government, the “UN Little Assembly” adopted a resolution in February holding on holding a separate election in south Korea for the so called “national government of Korea” 

The resolution of the “UN Little Assembly” is a reprint of the US resolution submitted by US Secretary of State Marshall. 

According to the resolution the election for a separate government in south Korea will be held under the supervision of the “UN Commission on Korea” and the election regulations will become effective only when Lieutenant General Hodge, US army commander in south Korea approves them. 

This illegal resolution serves the aggressive policy of US imperialists who wantonly trample on the sovereignty of the Korean people and try to perpetuate the division of our country” 
Great Comrade KIM IL SUNG mentioned many times that the peaceful reunification of Korea is one that can only be achieved by the Korean people themselves without the interference from hostile forces with their anti communist agendas and imperialistic ideals. 

He had proposed the path towards reunification which was peaceful and realistic. This model of reunification serves as a model to reunite countries which have sadly been split in half. It takes into account the wishes, and respect of both sides. In the end once reunification has been complete no matter who they are, they will always have a place in a true society.
Great Comrade KIM IL SUNG serves as a major driving force of motivation for the Juche Idea Study Group of Ireland. If the peoples of the world can aspire to be like Great Comrade KIM IL SUNG you would find a society that resonates with the term utopia. 

The spirit and warmth of Great Comrade KIM IL SUNG will always live forever! 
Let us remember Great Comrade KIM IL SUNG!
Let us be inspired by the dedication of Great Comrade KIM IL SUNG!

Juche Idea Study Group of Ireland
11th April, 2021 (Juche 110) 

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