Monday, 19 April 2021

Nationwide struggle against the US

Nationwide struggle against the US


All strata of civic organizations including the Progressive Federation of Students waged the anti-US struggle outside the US embassy and the US military base in Yongsan, Pyeongtaek and Gunsan.




We hardly repress our anger at the US which makes no apology after killing the people. The US should make a sincere apology and leave south Korea, they stressed.

The US put pressure upon south Korea to increase its share of defense cost share for the US forces in south Korea, while conducting war drill. We cannot look on brutalities committed by the US with folded arms. The US forces in south Korea should be withdrawn from south Korea, they claimed.

They shouted the slogan. “The US should make due apology to victims of the April 3 resistance” and “The US forces in south Korea, which is disturbing the peace of the Korean Peninsula, leave south Korea”.


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