Wednesday, 14 April 2021

From Voice of Korea-Among the People


  "Among the People"--this is the name of a book found in every family and every workplace in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.
  It is a collection of reminiscences on the great leader Kim Il Sung. It has a total of 109 volumes brought out until March Juche 109(2020) from March Juche 51(1962) when the first volume was published.
  The reminiscences were written by ordinary people such as workers, peasants, intellectuals and housewives. Nearly 2,000 reminiscences in the book tell stories about the people who had been received by Kim Il Sung.
  Kim Il Sung called at all places where the people live--factories, farms, fishing villages and forestry workers' villages.
  It was his pleasure and happiness to find himself among the people and talk to them.
  In his reminiscences "With the Century" Kim Il Sung wrote:
  It gives me particular pleasure or happiness to be among the people, discover amongst them excellent people who can set an example for the whole country and debate state affairs, their living and our future.
  It also gives me great happiness to be among the children, we call the flower buds of the country.'
  I can say that this is my lifelong view of happiness.

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