Thursday, 15 April 2021

President KIM IL SUNG and self-reliance- contribution of Dr Dermot Hudson KFA UK chairman to the KFA International E Seminar

Today People’s Korea ,under the leadership of dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN, is leaping ahead in the revolutionary spirit of self-reliance bravely smashing through the draconian sanctions imposed by the criminal US imperialists and their grovelling acolytes such as the UK government .

 Self-reliance is the permanent mode and also the traditional fighting spirit  of the Korean revolution that  was established by the great leader President KIM IL SUNG .Self-reliance is a concrete application of the Juche idea . It is the basis of all the Korean people’s victories . As President KIM IL SUNG said ‘“Juche and Self reliance -these are the basic guarantees for all our achievements”

 Right from the early days of the anti-Japanese armed struggle President KIM IL SUNG rejected the idea of looking to outside big powers for salvation . He knew well the history of Korea which had seen Korea’s independence sacrificed on the altar of the worship of big powers. Paying no heed to the flunkeyists,dogmatists and fake nationalists , President KIM IL SUNG resolved to rely on the people  and organise revolutionary activity among them instead of pinning hopes on illusory outside help. The gerat leader President KIM IL  SUNG pointed out that  ‘ It is self evident that we cannot depend upon nor beg to anyone for our country’s liberation.We must achieve the liberation of our country and nation by our own efforts through an active armed struggle”

During the anti-Japanese armed struggle some guerrillas hoped that the USSR, the first workers and peasants state , would build a hand grenade factory for them . However  no answer came from the Soviets so President KIM IL SUNG created a home-made hand grenade called the Yongil Bomb which was very powerful . Today the DPRK has its own ‘nuclear Yongil bomb’.

 After Korea’s liberation from Japanese imperialist colonial rule in the 1940s  President KIM IL SUNG put forward the line of building an independent economy saying in 1947  that  ‘For complete national independence and sovereignty and for national prosperity and development, one must build an independent national economy and thus firmly ensure economic independence.”. It was the first time that any country had put forward the line of building an independent economy , a truly bold line. President KIM IL SUNG also made sure that People’s Korea developed its own independent munitions industry on the basis of self-reliance .  At first some great power chauvinists in a certain country told Korea that they should not establish its own armed forces nor have its own munitions industry. President KIM IL SUNG also insisted that the DPRK should not simply assemble weapons made by another country but should produce its own weapons. A munitions works was established at Pyonchon ri and in 1948 theDPRK produced its first ever Tommy-gun.

 In the late 1950 when the DPRK was just recovering from the severe destruction caused by the US imperialists during the Fatherland Liberation War the modern revisionists and great power chauvinists tried to put pressure on the DPRK to join the CMEA but it refused to do so maintaining the line of economic independence. The great leader President KIM IL SUNG defined the independent national economy as follows ;

building an independent national economy means building a diversified economy equipping it with up-to date technology and creating our solid bases of raw materials,thereby building up an all embracing economic system in which every branch is structurally interrelated so as to provide domestically most of the products of heavy and light industry and the agricultural produce needed to make the country wealthy and powerful and to improve the people’s living condition“

 The Soviet big-power chauvinists and modern revisionists tried to subordinate the DPRK economy to their own  but President KIM IL SUNG was having none of it and adhered to the line of economic independence .The big power chauvinists tried to induce the DPRK to join the CMEA by offering electricity from the Lake Baikal power station.President KIM IL SUNG rejected it.

At that time President KIM II SUNG told them: “We will not use electricity generated by the power station; if we become de­pendent on electricity from you and then you fail to supply it, then we would suffer greatly; if we have funds for transmis­sion cables from the power station to our country, it would be more effective for us to use these funds to build another hydroelectric power station in our country. It has become more clear today that our decision to build socialism by our own efforts on the principle of self-reliance and not enter the CMEA was quite correct”

 In 1962 the big-power chauvinists and revisionists because the disapproved of the revolutionary policies of the DPRK and its independent line ended co-operation with the DPRK and cut off weapons supplies but President KIM IL SUNG raised the  revolutionary banner of self-reliance even higher.

 Under the leadership of great President KIM IL SUNG the DPRK industrialized rapidly. In the late 1950s growth in industrial output hit 40% in some years . The DPRK became a self-reliant socialist people’s paradise.

 Today’s self-reliant socialist People’s Korea which is advancing on the basis of self-development  is the precious fruit of the great teachings of President KIM IL SUNG on self-reliance .

Dr Dermot Hudson

Official Delegate KFA for the UK.

Chairman UK Korean Friendship Association.

Chairman British Group for the Study of the Juche Idea.

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