Saturday, 3 April 2021

From Korean associations for friendship with European countries about the April Anniversaries of the DPRK

Dear Comrades and Friends,

April came. It is a month that flowers embroider the land of Korea with it's beauty and fragrance.

April is a very meaningful month to Korean people.


15th April, 1912

The Great President Kim Il Sung, the saviour of national rebirth was born.  President Kim Il Sung – the Sun of the nation, saved Korean nation which was suffering from the slavery under the Japanese colonial rule. Thus, we celebrate the 15th, April as the day of the sun and as the biggest day of celebration of our nation.


25th April, 1932

The Great Leader President Kim Il Sung founded Korean People's Revolutionary Army with the firm determination that we need our own army in order to defeat and liberate our country from the fully armed Japanese imperialists. He led the anti-Japanese armed struggle to victory, liberated our country and finally achieved historical wisdom of national rebirth.


13th April, 1992

The Great Leader President Kim Il Sung was awarded the title of DPRK generalissimo for his great feats. He did not only liberate our lost country and defended its independence from a military invasion of US imperialist, but also devoted his whole to the construction of a true people' paradise.


9th April, 1993

On this meaningful day, we elected the Great Leader Comrade Kim Jong Il as the chairman of the National Defence Commission(at that time) of DPRK.

The Great Leader Comrade Kim Jong Il developed our country into a socialist power by relying on the strength of single-hearted unity and brilliantly led our party, state and army with the determination to carry forward the cause of the Great Leader President Kim Il Sung. He defended and consolidated the Juche socialism even in the midst of world political turmoil.

The Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il devoted their whole to the country, people and global independence, and they will always be with our people and world progressive people as images of Juche Korea. Their great revolutionary feats will also be immortal with history.


11th, 13th, April, 2012

On the 11th, April, 2012, we elected the Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un as the First-Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea and on the 13th, we elected him as the First Chairman of the NDC(at that time).

Korean people elected him to the supreme post of the party and state and rose in a struggle to build a more prosperous socialist power according to the behests of the Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il.

It is our people's another luck to be under his leadership who possesses talented ideological and theoretical intelligency, brilliant political ability and incomparable courage and grit.

The world witnessed the miracles performed in DPRK during a past decade and amazed by his brilliant leadership and Korean people's stregnth.

The Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un's long journey for people is associated with only true love for people and returned as happiness to our people.

The world recognized strong military strength of DPRK fully safeguards the peace and security of Korean peninsula and also our people's safety and the economical development for our people's well-being.

Under his correct guidance, a strong anti-epidemic system was established in our country to block out the world pandemic COVID-19, and our people are conducting struggles to change the looks of our country and to create the new cultural life.

We express our expectation that this April will also be a meaningful month for the development of friendship under the close contact with you and your associations.

We wish you good health and successes in your work.


Yours sincerely,


on behalf of all Korean associations for friendship with European countries

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