Monday, 12 April 2021

Decisions Made at the Eight Congress of the Workers’ Party Uphold the Immortal Ideals of President Kim Il Sung Through the New Age of Juche Korea-speech of KFA Serbia to the Online Meeting for the Day of the Sun

It is April 15th, and whole of Korean people and progressive people all over the world celebrate the immortal ideals of President Kim Il Sung and achievements he made in liberating the Korean nation from the Japanese imperialists as a guerilla fighter and liberating the Korean working masses through his revolutionary policies he adopted at the formation of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

The decisions made on the 8th Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea under the guidance of Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, who valiantly carries forward the independent socialist construction in Korea started by Great Leader Kim Il Sung, radiantly echo the immortal causes of the President and resolutely implement his ideals into the new age of socialist construction in Juche Korea.

Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un stressed the need for a new and dynamic five-year plan for national economic development. The plan is already being implemented and many economic sectors are overfulfilling their production quotas including, but not limited to, field of construction, metallurgy, light industry even despite hardship, importantly chemical industry and others, this ensures that the people-first principle first outlined by the President will be implemented in the new age of Juche Korea as people’s wellbeing is in the top priority of Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, who shows his care for the people every single moment, by constantly visiting and helping 

out people in distressed areas and organizing the country and economy to produce plenty so that people can live a free and happy life in their socialist country.

The necessity to defend the revolution by bolstering the armed forces of the Party and the State was also outlined, and the service of the People’s Army to the people was pointed out by Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, as well as the development of deterrent capabilities of Juche Korea, which echoes the revolutionary days of Juche-based military build up by the President, who created a matchless military force to drive out first Japanese occupiers, then U.S. imperialists who dared try to crush Korean Revolution which showed it’s iron bulwark based on Juche-based army development bolstered by ideological single-minded unity of army and the people ready to defend their revolution and ideals of the President. At the eight Congress, the army servicemen showed great enthusiasm and readiness to defend the revolution and its headquarters to their last breath as well as fight with great determination under the brilliant guidance of Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who carries forward the banner of the revolution resolutely in face of any outside hostile forces who may want to hurt the Korean Revolution started by the President.

By criticizing anti-socialist elements within the Korean society and the Party and outlining means of fighting the same by strengthening the ideological education of Party cadres, and further developing the Party-mass connection, Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un showed readiness to defend immortal cause of the President and his vision of the Korean Revolution and it’s path and bring it into the new era of socialist construction by upholding the principles outlined by the President. It is clear that any possible reactionary elements will have no chance to tarnish the Korean Revolution and that the great cause of the President will shine forever in Juche Korea, guarding the Korean People and ensuring their happy life through the people-first principle of the Workers’ Party of Korea which clearly represents the mass-line outlined by the President and shows the importance of the Party not divorcing itself from the Korean masses, thus safeguarding socialist construction in Korea from un-socialist elements.

By clarifying the position of Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism as supreme programme of the Party in its’ revised rules, Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un further entrenched the ideals of the President in Party’s roots and made sure that Party cadres will forever follow the ideology of Great Leader Kim Il Sung.

The election of Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un as General Secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea is the correct decision of the historic 8th Congress which correctly entrusts him with the great and important role in carrying forward the Korean Revolution, therefore carrying forward the Revolutionary Cause of the President, into the new era of the Workers’ Party and Juche Korea and should be hailed as such. The progressive people of the world should, just as their comrades in Korea, uphold and swear loyalty to decisions made at the historic 8th Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea as great continuation of the immortal ideals of President Kim Il Sung which will shine through the new century of humanity.

Long Live the decisions made at the historic 8th Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea,

Long Live the immortal ideals of President Kim Il Sung,

Long Live 15th of April the most important date of Juche Korea.

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