Monday, 12 April 2021

On the 109th anniversary of the birth of President KIM IL SUNG-written contribution of Lucas Rubio to the online meeting for the Day of the Sun

11th April Juche 110 (2021)

Dear comrades,

I am grateful, on behalf of our entire organization, for this very honorable invitation to join the meeting on the anniversary of the birth of great comrade President Kim Il Sung.

The occasion of April 15 is a cause for great joy for the Korean people and all the peoples of the world.

As everyone knows, the life story of the President Kim Il Sung in the past century brings together the history of Korea itself. The dedication of all their efforts and life to the liberation of Korea and the building of socialism are seen today with great admiration by people from all over the world.

As creator of the great Juche Idea, President Kim Il Sung became an immortal figure in the revolutionary world picture by adding to political philosophy a new idea based on the independence of the human being, tracing and illuminating the way for future generations in all places in the world to carry out their own acts of independence.

His acts of bravery in the revolutionary leadership of the Party, State and Army inspire revolutionaries and peace-lovers everywhere to this day.

President Kim Il Sung will forever be remembered as a faithful friend of the people. The moments of his ardent proletarian internationalism are unforgettable when he sent aid of all kinds to assist revolutionary and independence movements in Africa, Asia, the Americas and elsewhere.

Today's Korea, under the command of Comrade Kim Jong Un, follows the path designed by Kim Il Sung and each day more proves the truth and invincibility of socialism as it becomes a powerful and just nation.

109 years since his birth in the heart of Korea, the life and work of the President Kim Il Sung still inspire people who dream of a free and new future.

Live forever the memory of President Kim Il Sung!

Lucas Rubio,

Chairman of the Brazilian Center for the Study of Songun Politics

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