Sunday, 7 August 2016

Speech of KFA Organisation Secretary to JISGE and ASSPUK meeting on the Fatherland Liberation War

First my apologies for not being able to attend this important meeting due too a family affair. We commemorate in this important meeting the 63 anniversary of the heroic resistance of one united people against imperialism.
this victory showes that no empire with more powerfull weapons and puppets nations to their service can defeat a people proud of themselves, the Korean people proved to be victorious in the Liberation of the country under the great leadership of President Kim Il Sung against the Japanese colonialism and later against the US Imperialism.
We could visit and pay tributes in the Fatherland Liberation war cemetery, where we commemorate the heroes who sacrificed themselves in defense of the fatherland, socialism and communism. If the American puppets countries didnt intervened in the Korean war maybe today korea would be one. But the imperialism never could destroy the ideals and one people that today is an example of struggle for the communist world and one country who always will be victorious with the inmortal and scientific idea of Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism.
 The Korean war was the most revolutionary struggle in history . The Army and people fought together agains the US Imperialism and the US puppet forces and the DPRK destroy the Imperialism idea of build a colonialism puppet regime in the pacific. The US Imperialism movilizes 2 millions trops with the most modern armament with the help of 15 puppets country. This was the most bloody and barbaric war that no empire has ever done, bombing and destroying civil populations, using chemicals weapons and yet the Korean people won their victory in defense of freedom, independence and socialism, and destroying the moral of the invading troops. A war that led to a defeat wich imperialism tried to hide.The KPA killed, wounded and captured more than 1,567,000 troops, including more than 405,000 US aggressors destroyed and seized more than 12,200 aircraft, more than 560 ships of different types, more than 3,200 tanks. 2.3 times the losses suffered in the Pacific War during World War II.
 The struggle of the Korean people never will end till the reunification of the whole Korean people.
Korea has demonstrated in the history of communism, its great ideological consciousness and collectivism, more powerful weapons than nuclear weapons. This means that Korea will be always victorious and will defend and build their socialism bassed on the popular masses and the Juche Idea. And this only is possible in this days with the wise leadership of Marshall Kim Jong Un.
The example of the Fatherland Liberation world is very important in our activities in the KFA, we are planning to intensificate our work, with pickets and study meeting, more struggle and unity.
I wish the Korean People more victories in the construction of socialism, sucess in the 200 day campaign with the spirit of Mallima, and victory to the new State Affair commision of the DPRK led by Chairman Kim Jong Un who is a big achievment in the construction of a powerfull socialist state, and congratulate him for the 4th anniversary of his title of Marshall of the DPRK.
From the KFA UK we will do more efforts to defend of the DPRK and the Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism
I take this opportunity to remind the members the upcoming activities: the KFA               International Meeting in Dublin, we need to try to do an effort to send a good delegation and remember the comrades to know their opinions about the security issues and the improvement of the work in the KFA, remember as well the Skype study meeting  on 6th of August  about "The Juche Philosophy is an Original Revolutionary Philsophy'', we will organize as well another picket in from of the SK Puppet regime embassy for the liberation of the waitresses.
Revolutionary greetings!
KFA Organisation Secretary
Dear comrades and friends,

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