Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Admired by Instructions of Great Man

Long past President of Togo paid a visit to Korea. At the time he was greatly impressed at the revolutionary mettle and happy life of the Korean people rallied firmly around their leader.
President Kim Il Sung (1912-1994) saw to show him all he wanted to see and settled all the problems he raised in order to give him the courage who was facing difficulties step by step after achieving political independence from the imperialist subjugation.
Saying that the economic self-supporting forms a material foundation of political independence, he commented highly that the Togolese people had well done by nationalizing the natural resources of the country. Then he instructed sincerely that they could neither repel the imperialist economic pressure nor further defend their political sovereignty unless an independent economy is built run by their own men and relying on their own technique and resources.
His instruction that they can develop all the fields of politics, the economy, culture and military only relying on their own cadres awakened him the truth that the only way of leading his own country lies in implementing the line of independence, self-supporting and self-defense relying on their own people and made him know that he had been ridiculous in the past when he thought to rely on the Western “advisors” in building a new society.
The President expressed his firm determination to hold fast to independence as follows:
 “I believe firmly that there is no greater man in Asia and the world so truthful, benevolent and of higher moral repute than H.E. great President Kim Il Sung.”

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