Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Appeal to All Fellow Countrymen from the Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front of south Korea

Dear fellow countrymen!
South Korea is now seething with the mounting struggle of people from all walks of life against the decision to deploy THAAD.
The national measure committee against deployment of THAAD and regional organizations were formed throughout south Korea and various kinds of struggles such as sit-down strike, demonstration, press conference and signature campaign are waged. Amid the peoples strong action, successive protest demonstrations towards the Cheongwadae, Ministry of National Defense and US Embassy and Consulate are held and they give shudders to the US and the south Korean ruling conservatives.
The political circles demand a referendum and parliamentary approval on the deployment of THAAD and repeal of it.
Especially, residents of Seongju County desperately oppose THAAD deployment and they are spotlighted with strong supports of entire people.
The mounting struggle against the THAAD deployment is an eruption of indignation and protest against the Park Geun-hye clique to impose nuclear war disaster upon all the Koreans and a demonstration of the resolute will to decisively wipe out the heinous traitors kowtowing to the US who decided to introduce THAAD, challenging the people's will.
Introducing THAAD, the Park regime has turned south Korea into the US biggest base for nuclear war supplies in Far East and sacrificed it for ambition of the US to dominate the world. It is natural that the people are raging and struggling in protest against the regime’s nefarious treason.
However, the conservative ruling quarters shamelessly behave to justify their treacherous act, spouting ridiculous sophism about “security of people” and “unnecessary argument” though they are criminals.
The Park regime sent government officials to Seongju to quell the angry popular sentiments and opened THAAD base in Guam to the public in collusion with the US. It is a mean act to appease the various circles of people’s anger and it is arousing curse and condemnation from the people.
What is more enraging is that the ruling circles slander the righteous struggle of the people as “south-south discord” and “intervention of outside forces”. They are scheming to suppress the struggle with fascist power.
Dear fellow countrymen!
Even though it perpetrated treacherous acts, the Park regime blustered at the people and oppressed them. The arrogance, arbitrariness and ignorance of it have overstepped the bounds.
It is impossible to establish justice in this land where outsiders lord it over and treachery judges patriotism and south Koreans can never escape from disaster of a nuclear war forced by the US after losing the cradle of life inherited by Koreans generation after generation as long as the present regime is allowed to go scot-free.
The present grave situation requires our people to awaken and get united and bravely turn out in the just struggle to punish the conservative regime of pro-US lackeys, the modern-day “five traitors in 1905”.
This is the very time that all people should unite in mind and purpose to regain the native places and rights of life and defend the peace and security on the Korean Peninsula.
All people should wage a struggle to oppose THAAD more vigorously everywhere.
Let us give a stern punishment to Park regime that determined the deployment of aggressive THAAD!
Let us give a hard blow to the pro-US traitors kowtowing to the US who turn this land into the advanced base for aggressive nuclear warfare!
None of the Korean people has wanted THAAD and all people have definitely opposed it.
Let us hang the traitors, who challenged the people's will and decided to introduce THAAD, on the gibbet!
Let us wage an all-out national resistance to check the deployment of THAAD!
Let us desperately oppose THAAD deployment that are threatening the life and security of the Korean people and destroying the environment of this land!
Let us scathingly condemn the pro-US conservative authorities that are scheming to put huge amount of taxes squeezed from the common people into the deployment of THAAD!
Now, under the wirepulling of the US, Park Geun-hye clique is maneuvering viciously to clamp down on the people’s struggle in various parts of the land against THAAD deployment.
Let us smash the authorities' efforts at insane repression by struggling more vigorously in protest!
Let us overthrow the pro-US conservative regime, the root cause of “south-south discord” and “unnecessary dispute”!
As long as the US dominates and occupies south Korea, the misfortunes and sufferings of the Korean people would be increasing and the pro-US traitors could not be eliminated completely.
The deployment of THAAD is caused by the strategy of the US to dominate the world and maneuver to establish the Asia-version NATO.
Let us burst forth like an erupting volcano against THAAD and develop it into the anti-US struggle!
Let us reject the THAAD deployment only for the US out of hand in the name of the entire people!
Let us check the establishment of dangerous military triad headed by the US!
The bases of the US troops in south Korea are seats of sufferings and misfortunes of the people.
Let us smash the scheming of the US to make another cesspool of crime in Seongju!
Organizing ability and fighting capacity are powerful driving force of mass struggle.
Those who oppose the deployment of THAAD by the US and Park Geun-hye regime should unite as one to wage a powerful struggle.
Workers, peasants, youth and students and all other people should launch a courageous joint struggle on the common front of the struggle against THAAD deployment.
Let us fully support and encourage the inhabitants of Seongju County who bear the brunt of actions against it!
The victory is in store for the Korean people struggling with confidence in victory and courage.

Propaganda Department of the AINDF Central Committee
July 25, 2016

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